Elafonisos: A place of rare natural beauty


At the southeastern part of the Laconian Gulf, opposite to Neapoli, you will find Elafonisos Island, a picturesque small island which offers calm holidays in a wonderful natural environment, away from mass tourism and crowds of people.

The area of Elafonisos is 19 sq. km. and its coasts have a total length of 25km. Its inhabitants are 720 and most of them are gathered at the homonymous settlement. The port is situated at its northern edge.

Elafonisos took its name by the rich hunting that existed in the region in the antiquity. Αccording to Pausanias, there were numerous red deers (CERVI) in the area. It consists of the village Elafonisos and the settlements Kapari, Kato Nisi, Lefki and Pounta.

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As the visitor is approaching Elafonisos he meets the church of Saint Spiridonas, then the picturesque small port with its fishing boats and the beach where there are fish taverns and ouzeri which serve fresh fish and octopus.

Elafonisos Attractions

Elafonisos allocates many wonderful sandy beaches, its most known is the twin Fragos – Sarakiniko which is situated at the southern part of the island. Other beaches are Kontogoni, Kalogeras, Megalo Tigani at the southeastern part of the island, Lefki at west, located at the homonymous bay, Agliftis which is the unique beach of the island with pebbles, located at the western part of the island behind the islet of Agliftis. Pounta, Pavlopetri, Chamokelo and Nisia tis Panagias (islands of Virgin Mary) are alike wonderful and offer crystal blue water.

Elafonisos has rich history and this is confirmed by many interesting findings. The island is firstly inhabited in the Prehistoric Period. According to Thucydides, Demosthenes visited the area in 413 B.C. and according to Pausanias the area was named “Onou gnathos” (jawbone of donkey) because of its shape and it was connected to the opposite area of Pounta.

After 370 A.C. the area was partly sinked and the island was shaped. As the visitor sail to the island from the ferry boat, inside the water, he can see ruins and ancient roads to different directions.

On the island you will not find a pharmacy, there is no bank either Post Office but you can find all these in Neapoli. In the summer months you can find many restaurants in the village of Elafonisos and at some of the beaches. In the village you can find internet cafe, super market, and mini market. The nearest hospital is situated in Molai and in Neapoli there is a health center, on the island there is only a community clinic.

At Pavlopetri and Chamokelo you can enjoy wind surfing and kite surfing, Elafonisos is also offered for fishing.

How to get there

You can travel to Elafonisos from Piraeus or by local ferry boat which connects Neapoli and Kythera with Elafonisos or by flying dolphins.

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Elafonisos Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Elafonisos Medical Help
27340 61294
27340 61238
Police Station of Elafonisos
27340 61111