Metsovo: The main village of Pindos


Metsovo is just 55km away from Ioannina via the Egnatia Odos and is a hub that connects Macedonia, Thessaly and western Greece. In our days, citizens of all the regions of Greece, can spend two days at or make daily trips to Metsovo, without thinking the inconvenience caused in the past by travelling through Katara.

When you arrive in the central square of Metsovo, your eyes long to see everything around while your nose is intrigued by the smell of the roast meat that comes out from the taverns. Take a first taste of Metsovo after the exit of Egnatia, which leads to it by a narrow paved road.


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Images change really quickly. A small colorful market. Examples of folk art, wooden carved objects, products made of bronze and alpaca. You can also buy products made of milk and traditional pasta. The famous smoked cheese Metsovone, known for its production since 1958, is still featured inside and outside the shops.

Furthermore, you will be magnetized by the exceptional metsovitika cloths that will allure you with their marvelous designs. A smell, of fresh baked pie comes out from the bakeries while cars buses full of tourists come and go.

It is a folk scene and it’s the same daily all year round. A pretty scene is that one with the gathering of the elders in the middle of the square. Always smiling and willing to give you any information you need…and then they continue their conversation in their own dialect, called Vlachika. The say ‘buona’, which means ‘goodbye’ and we leave.

People come and go. The cafes are full of customers and the taverns serve food even in the morning.

All pies are very interesting such as milk pies, pies made of cabbage and trachana ( a traditional kind of pasta). Don’t miss to taste the lamb along with cauliflower, kontosouvli and the sausages. As for the cheeses taste metsovone Metsovela and Gruyere batzisio, accompanied with raki or local wine.

Metsovo Attractions & Surrounding Area

Walking up and down the narrow paths of Metsovo, the images you will meet are also traditional. If it’s Sunday, you may meet the old ladies wearing their traditional costumes…so it good be a nice idea to carry your camera with you.

The exquisite wooden verandas which adorn the facades of the houses and their clean and full of flowers courtyards will fascinate you. However, what is striking about Metsovo is that the whole town is like being hanging on the mountainside.

Twenty stone fountains adorn Metsovo. The most famous are those of the Fontana Nti Kambouri Ntisoupra of  St. George, of Gouras and the Floka.

At the entrance of the village you can find the Information Center for National Park of Pindos Vallia Calda, which hosts exhibits of the natural environment and culture of the region.

The Gallery of Evangellos Averoff Tositsa Foundation worths the visit and it is located in the main square of the village, under the old village. It is being operated since 1998 and holds exhibitions of important Greek painters such as Pntazis, Litras, Parthenis, Volanakis among others.

The Museum of Folk Art is located inside the old mansion of Averoff Tositsa and houses collection from daily life like textiles, paintings and many valuable objects.

Do not miss to visit the little heaven that is found in The Garden Averoff in the heart of Metsovo. The Averoff Garden is a park of 10 acres, where includes all kind of trees of Pindos.

Inside the famous winery Katogi Averoff the maturation and bottling of the excellent wine that is famous in all region takes place , which has received significant awards in many competitions. The idea of creating this winery by Averooff Tosista, gave life to all vineyards of Metsovo.

You can visit the monastery of St. Nikolaos of Zoodochou Pigis, of Koimisi Theotokou such as the churches of St. Charalambos and St. Paraskevi.

Ideal conditions for winter sports

Just 4km away from Metsovo, at the mountains of Politsa, opposite Profitis Ilias, you will find the ski center at an altitude of 1593m. It has six lifts and also there is a ski school. There is also Anilio ski center in the region of Zigos. The slopes are at altitude of 1690m and 1870m.

There are many options for mountain biking. Biking around the artificial lake Aoou will magnetize you. For those loving kayak this lake offers an ideal experience. The lake is 4,5 km far from Metsovo on the road that leads to Grevena.In order to reach it turn left and follow the road. You can go for horse-riding at Profitis Ilias and at Politsa. Across the region there are signposted hiking trails.

Anilio is located on the opposite side of Metsovo. It is built in a forest of pine, beech and fir, across from Metsovo, in the hands of the slope güzel tepe of the Pindus Mountains. Down to Anilio there is the highest suspension bridge og Egnatia Road with a height of 175m and a length of 700 m. The snow falls for the first and the last time at this specific village. So the ski center of Anilio is the ultimate destination for those who love snow and skiing.

It takes only 5 minutes to get there by car. There are also 3 traditional taverns where you can taste delicious plates. The church of Agia Paraskevi has many interesting paintings.

Metsovo is the most picturesque village of Greece that will captivate you with its beautiful images and colors.

Metsovo Map