Paxi: Nobility with cosmopolitan air


Παξοί, Επτάνησα

Paxi is the smallest island in Ionian Sea. It is found 7 nautical miles southeast of Corfu and 8 nautical miles west of Epirus coasts. Southwest of Paxi and at a small distance, Antipaxi island is found.

Paxi is a small earthly paradise. Thanks to the landscape picturesqueness and authenticity, the lordliness, the worthy touristic infrastructure and the cosmopolitan air, the island attracts every year a lot of tourists.

According to Mythology, the island was created by Poseidon, who cut off with a stroke of its trident a part of Corfu with the purpose of lodging there his love with Amphitriti. So Paxi’s symbol is the trident.

Paxi Map

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Paxi, as all the Ionian Islands, is characterized by rich vegetation and is particularly famous for its immense olive groves. The picturesque natural ports, the impressive caves, the 64 churches, the mineral water springs, the wonderful beaches with the crystal-clear waters and the island’s great cultural heritage fascinate the visitor.

Paxi Attractions & Surrounding Area

Gaios is the island’s capital and port, which maintains until now its traditional color. The islets of Saint Nikolaos and Panagia embrace the port offering natural protection to it. On Saint Nikolaos island, there is a Venetian fortress, tabernacles, as well as a windmill, whereas in Panagia island the homonymous monastery is found. In Gaios, you can visit the churches of Saint Apostoloi and the Paleochristian Church of Saint Marina. The Museum of Paxi is also found here.

In the north side of the island, the scenic settlement of Lakka is located. The traditional houses, the narrow streets and squares drift the visitor. The imposing Lighthouse from where you can admire the sunset, the sea cave of Ypapanti and Ntrihoutsis‘ house, a remarkable sample of Ionian architecture predominate here. You can enjoy the sea in Kanoni, Planoi and Arkoudaki.

In the eastern coasts of the island, we find Loggos with the traditional taverns. It’s worth visiting the church of Zoodohos Pigi, the old oil-press and Anemogiannis’ soap-making. You can swim at the beautiful beaches of Levrehi, Marmari and Monodentri.

In the village of Magazia, visit the church of Agioi Apostoloi, Kastanida region with the wild beauty of the scenery, Ortholithos, the impressive vertical rock into the sea and the imposing rocky scene of Erimitis.

Antipaxi is just 3 nautical miles away from Gaios port. It is an islet verdurous of grapes, where the pictures of natural beauty and the astonishing beaches with the white sand and the deep blue crystal waters enthrall the visitor. Do not miss to taste the exceptional local wine. The beaches of Vrika and Voutoumi are very beautiful.

In Paxi, you will admire the countless natural beauties, savor the magnificence of nature, enjoy romantic walks to the scenic settlements and enjoy yourself at the island’s holiday resorts till morning.

How to get there

Coastally: Ferry Boats depart daily from Kerkyra, Igoumenitsa and Parga Port to Paxi Islands. The winter season the departs are decreased.

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Paxi Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Paxi Municipality
26620 32207, 32100
Kerkyra Port Authority
26610 32655
Paxi Health Center
26620 31466
Igoumenitsa Port Authority
26650 22235, 22240
Paxi Police Station
26620 32222
Parga Port Authority
26840 31227
Paxi Port Authority
26620 32533
Paxi Museum
26620 32556