Fthiotida, Zentralgriechenland


Θερμοπύλες, Φθιώτιδα

Seat of the prefecture: Lamia
The main areas of the prefecture are: Thermopylae, Kammena Vourla, and Lamia.

The prefecture of Fthiotida is one of the 7 prefectures of the region of Sterea Ellada. It borders to the north with the prefectures of Magnesia, Larissa and Karditsa, to the west with the prefecture of Evrytania, to the south with the prefectures of Aitoloakarnania, Fokida and Viotia, while to the east it is bathed by the North Evoikos Gulf.

The prefecture of Fthiotida shows important tourist development thanks to the many natural beauties, the historical monuments, the medicinal springs and the idyllic beaches. The harmonious combination of mountain and sea landscape enchants the visitor. Verdant-green mountain ranges, dense forests, majestic gorges, quiet lakes and a beach-laced coastline, create a setting of unique natural beauty. The excellent tourist infrastructure – hotels, rooms for rent, guesthouses, restaurants, taverns, bars, clubs – can satisfy even the most demanding visitor. The interest of the visitors is captivated by the historic area of Thermopylae, the coastal area of Kammena Vourla – Agios Konstantinos and the medicinal springs of Kammena Vourla and Ypati.

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Fthiotida Attractions

The city of Lamia, seat of the prefecture, is the commercial and industrial hub of the area. It is an old, picturesque city surrounded by two hills covered with pine-groves. On one of the hills still stands the medieval castle of Lamia, built on the ruins of an ancient wall of polygonal megaliths, while on the other hill is the church of Agios Loukas, built in the 18th century.

Among the sights in the city of Lamia, is the cathedral of Evangelistria by the main square Eleftherias, the statue of the Revolution of 1821 hero Athanasios Diakos on the square bearing his name, the cenotaph of the hero on the square Laou, the post-Byzantine church of Panagia Archontiki on the south side of the castle, the Municipal Library with about 7,500 books, and the neoclassical buildings which give a unique character to the city. Lamia also has an Archaeological Museum, a Folk art Museum with interesting exhibits, as well as a Municipal Library.

The town of Kammena Vourla is one of the most famous summer resorts in Greece and a beautiful vacation destination with high quality tourist infrastructure. A vacation in Kammena Vourla gives the visitor the opportunity to enjoy the best of many worlds. The combination of mountain and sea landscapes with the medicinal springs, the easy access to nearby beaches and small islands, the excursions to archaeological and historical places, the visits to the picturesque villages of the prefecture of Fthiotida, all make up a unique vacation package. Do not omit to visit the monastery of Metamorphosis Sotiros (The Transfiguration of Jesus Christ), with excellent murals.

The town of Domokos is amphitheatrically built on a beautiful site with a magnificent view to the plains of Thessaly. It is home to many sights, such as the medieval castle, the picturesque church of Agia Paraskevi, the well-preserved Turkish baths, the „Kodounisto Pigadi“ cave etc.

Theologos is a beautiful resort town, with increased tourist traffic during the summer months. In the area it is worth visiting the ancient Acropolis with remnants of Palaeolithic settlement. In Theologos you can enjoy the great pebbly or sandy beaches, taste fresh-fish dishes in one of the many fish taverns or just have a good time until the morning hours in the local bars.

Other areas you should visit also include the historical bridge of Gorgopotamos, the ruins of the ancient town in Makrakomi, the statue of Leonidas and the cenotaph of the killed in the historical battle of Thermopylae.

The prefecture of Fthiotida offers a variety of beaches with natural beauty, some cosmopolitan and others remote and quiet. Some of them are organised and there you can enjoy your favourite water sports.

The mountainous part of Fthiotida is an ideal place for the lovers of nature. Enchanting landscapes, unspoiled forests, rivers, gorges, waterfalls, caves and picturesque villages can impress the tourist and anyone looking for adventure. You can make wonderful excursions to the gorge of Asopos River, to the mountains Iti and Othrys and to the estuary of Sperchios River, and partake in sport activities in the field of alternative tourism.

Fthiotida is an enchanting place. The unspoiled nature and the harmonious coexistence of mountain and sea are bound to impress you. Here, you can get out of the ordinary and wander in the remnants of the past. Come and live unforgettable experiences.

How to get there

By bus: There is frequent daily service with KTEL busses from Athens to Lamia and Agios Konstantinos and from Thessalonica to Lamia.

By car: You can get to Lamia by car:

The distance from Athens is 214km.
The distance from Thessalonica is 332km.
The distance from Patras is 196km.
The distance from Igoumenitsa is 359km.
The distance from Karpenissi is 78km.

By train: There is train service from Athens to Lianokladi.

By Ferry: There is connection via ferries and flying dolphins from Alonissos, Skiathos and Skopelos (Sporades complex of islands) to Agios Konstantinos, via ferry from Edipsos to Arkitsa, as well as a local ferry service between Ayiokampos and Glyfa.

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Fthiotida Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Lamia Municipality
22310 22214, 22314
Lianokladi Railway Station
22310 61061
Lamia Hospital
22310 30121-26
Athens Railway Station
210 5297777
Lamia Police Station
22310 22331, 56900
Lamia Post Office
22310 47718, 37244
Lamia Traffic Police
22310 23248
Fthiotida Tourist Information
22310 30065
Agios Konstantinos Port Authority
22540 93393
Lamia Archaeological Museum
22310 46106
Lamia Bus Station
22310 51345
Lamia Folklore Museum
22310 37832
Athens Bus Station
210 8317147
Lamia Municipal Art Gallery
22310 46887
Thessaloniki Bus Station
2310 595416