Lagadia, Peloponnes


Λαγκάδια, Αρκαδία

The picturesque mountain town Lagadia is located approximately in the center of Peloponnese and iit is amphitheatrically built on a steep wooded slope of Mainalon, with inclination 70 degrees. It is situated at an altitude of 1.000 meters, 65 km from Tripoli.

In the past, Lagadia were called the „the hanging village of Peloponnese„, because it looks like it hangs over a wild gorge formed by the river Touthoa.

Lagadia are divided in Upper and Lower Neighborhood. Kato Machalas is located in a wooded ravine that flows the river Lagkadiano of Touthoa by Pausanias, a tributary of Ladon while Over Machalas boasts picturesque and panoramic views offered to visitors.

Lagadia probably took its name from the four canyons that Slot area and there are stone paths that connect 18 districts. In this terrain they took their name Lagadia.

Lagadia Map

The establishment of the village of Lagadia probably was in the 13th and 15th century and according to one version, the first inhabitants were the craftsmen who built the castle of Akova during the Frankish. In antiquity, from Lagadia passed the road leading to Olympia where the Olympic Games were held.

Lagadia have rich history and played a leading role in the liberation struggle of Morea against the Turks. It is the homeland of the the family Deligianni and many other fighters of 1821. The Deligianni family was one of the strongest and richest of the region, which led the preparation and the conduct of the struggle against the Turks.

For many years, the family brought one of two moragiannides (= chief elders) who had their base in Tripoli, the moragianni John Deligianni, who was murdered by the Turks in his house in 1816. Soon after the fall of Tripoli, his son Theodorakis died  from the tortures he suffered in prison. Other notable men of the same family is the warlord Kanellos Deligiannis who later became chairman of the Parliament.

Lagadia is the birthplace of two prime ministers of Greece, Theodore P. Deligiannis who was assassinated in 1905 outside Parliament and Nicholas P. Deligiannis who conducted the parliamentary elections of 1895.

Important role in the liberation struggle of 1821 played Thanasis Kintzios at the Battle of Granicus, the hero of Trikorfo Papastathoulis, John Theofilopoulos or Tsakalogiannis or Karavogiannis who was a close associate of Papanikolis and Kanaris and many others.

In the center of the village there is a war memorial, dedicated to the memory of the fallen of Lagadia who participated in the National Sruggles.

At the same time, Lagadia is the home of the stone craftsmen who adorned with their magnificent stone edifices, Arcadia, Peloponnese and many areas of all Greece. Some of their masterpieces are churches, bridges, stone houses, two and three storey houses, watermills, courtyards etc.

Lagadia is considered a masterpiece of stone surrounded by an impressive landscape with running water, walnut trees and picturesque streets. In the central square of the village, which is located on the edge of a stream and surrounded by plane trees, you will find cafes, restaurants and taverns where you can enjoy your coffee or meal and spend moments of rest and relaxation.

The stone-built village of Lagadia, is a modern and ideal holiday destination that offers excellent tourist infrastructure with hotels, hostels and apartments and plenty of entertainment and various activities.

Regional Flavours & Products
In the taverns of Lagadia you will taste delicious lamb, intestines, splenandero and salted meat. In Lagadia you can find delicious traditional local sweets and pasta. Lagadia are renowned for the outstanding weavings and handicraft products.

Cultural events
Many cultural events are held in Lagadia in the summer months. The events include folk song contest which started in 1978, thanks to the author from Lagadia Christos Nikitas-Stratolatis and has become an institution for the region.

Lagadia Attractions

The House of Deligianni Family: It is located in the Upper Neighborhood of Lagadia. There are relics of the family elders.

Churches: The Church of the Holy Archangels, which is the cathedral of Lagadia dates from 1805.  There are at the square of Heroes of the Upper Neighbourhood and have a gorgeous carved belfry of two levels and an ornate bell tower with clock that dates from 1910.

The Church of the Holy Apostles is located in the Lower Neighborhood of Lagadia and dates from 1854. Below the house Deligianni Family is the church of St. John the Baptist dating from 1808 and it was built in 40 days. Also, you can admire the churches of the Holy Trinity and the Virgin of Gounaris dating back to 1862. Both churches offer magnificent views.

Lake Ladon: Among the mountains of Lagadia lies the artificial Lake Ladon. The lake is snake-shaped and it was created in 1955 with the construction of the dam by the Public Power Corporation. The lake is fed by the river Ladon. It is a rare aquatic landscape that offers the visitor very beautiful images. In recent years developed in the area many activities such as kayaking, hiking, 4×4 etc.

Fountains: At Lagadia you can admire the ornate stone fountains that you will see in the Upper and Lower Neighborhood.

Stone buildings: Remarkable are the impressive stone buildings of Lagadia like the one of Gymnasium dating from 1868.

Heroes Square: In the center of the village is the Heroes Square, where there is also the memorial of the fallen reminding the participation of the people of Lagadia in the liberation struggle of 1821.

Mainalon Ski Resort: In the mountains of Mainalo on the top of Ostrakina at an altitude of about 1770 meters is running a modern ski resort. Since the winter of 2004, the ski center has passed to the private company OSTRAKINA AETE.

Ski Center Mainalo has 8 great ski slopes, a special park for ATV motorbikes, central chalet for coffee or lunch, snowbar, shelter and four ski lifts. Its special position among the firs, the easy access, the great natural beauty and the rich flora and fauna make it particularly attractive.

Surrounding Area

Some of the close destinations that you can visit are Touthoa, Lefkochori, Dimitsana, Fouskari, Vytina etc.

Dimitsana: The beautiful and historic Dimitsana is amphitheatrically built at an altitude of 960 – 1.080m., οn the ruins of the great ancient city Tefthis above the gorge of Lousios river.

Pausanias visited the Ancient Tefthis in 174 AD and according to tradition that was recorded by the city, it had sent its own military contingent in the Trojan war with the ruler Tefthi who wounded with his spear the goddess Athena. The goddess punished him by giving him an incurable disease. Ruins of the ancient city walls are still preserved.

Vytina: The beautiful Vytina, a famous mountain town of Arcadia which overlooks the central Peloponnese, it is 43 km from Tripoli and about 200 km from Athens.

Lagadia Activities

In Lagadia dominates teh water paradise of Ladon Lake where you can do many activities such as kayaking and the whole area is ideal for many sports such as hiking, hunting, hiking, 4×4 and skiing in Mainalon ski center.

Some of the beautiful hiking routes are:

Lagadia – Dimitsana – Stemnitsa – Forest Mainalo – Elati – Pyrgaki – Lagadia: A very beautiful route with picturesque traditional villages and many attractions. The distance is 65 km and takes about 70 minutes.

Lagadia – Vytina – Mainalon Forest – Mainalon Ski Centre – Vytina – Lagadia: A magical journey through the fir forest of Mainalo. The distance is 60 km and takes about 65 minutes.

How to get there

Lagadia is  60 km from Tripoli and 215 km from Athens.

On the highway Athens-Corinth towards Tripolis turn right to Vytina. After the toll of Nestani and the tunnel of Artemisium turn right to Levidi. After Levidi, ypu will arrive in Vitina and if you continue you will reach a junction that leads right to Lagadia.

Lagadia Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Municipality of Lagadia
27950 43211, 43169
Railway Station (OSE) Athens
210 5240646
Police Station Lagadia
27950 43333
Railway Station (OSE) Tripoli
2710 222402
Community Clinic Lagadia
27950 43214
Mountaineering Club of Tripoli
2710 232243
Bus Station Athens
210 5134575
Mainalo Ski Center
6985 063909
Bus Station Tripoli
2710 222560

Lagadia Photos