Levidi, Peloponnes


Λεβίδι, Αρκαδία

The picturesque and historic Levidi is located in the center of Arcadia and it is built at an altitude of 860 meters, on the east side, at the foot of  Mainalo. In ancient times it was called „Orchomenion Chora“ justifying its name with the rich archaeological findings preserved until today.

The municipality of Levidi, with seat the town of Levidi, is composed of the following villages and settlements: Vlacherna, Dara, Kandila, Kardaras, Komi, Lake, Orchomenos, Palaiopyrgos, Panagitsa and Chotousa. Levidi is 25 km from Tripoli and has a population of 1.140 inhabitants.

For Levidi name there are many versions such as that it came from the name of a landowner or by the son of the King of Arcadia, Lycaon and other versions.

Levidi played a leading role in Greek history and is loaded with monuments of history, culture and tradition. On 14 April 1821, at the battle of Levidi, the chieftain Anagnostis Striftombolas along with 70 other Greeks faced the attack of 3.000 Turks and defeated them, dying the same day in this glorious battle.

Levidi Map

In the town of Levidi were born and acted big shots such as Alexandros Papanastasiou, the founder of the Democratic Union in 1922. He is considered the father of the Republic Parliamentary Democracy and the initiator of modern agricultural policy. The great statesman was several times minister before assuming prime minister of Greece in 1924 – 1932 and was a partner and friend of Eleftherios Venizelos.

Another great personality of Levidi was Orchomenios Thersilas, who established the parliament to „the public of Arcadia“ with Megalopoli as center in 370 BC.

The noble town of Levidi will impress you with its stone houses, built in the 19th century and the square full of life. The quiet, green village of Levidi has at its entrance a beautiful grove showing the visitors its real identity and the idyllic natural landscape.

Villas, hotels, beautiful rooms and magnificent mansions that offer high quality services are waiting to accommodate you and make your stay enjoyable. In Levidi you will find numerous cafes, taverns and restaurants with the finest traditional dishes, all made with fresh ingredients.

The picturesque Levidi can become the starting point for the most interesting routes and excursions in the surrounding area.

Levidi will captivate you with its imposing view of Mainalo and the plain and the hospitality which is harmoniously tied with the charm and tradition. Snowy  in the winter and colorful all the other seasons, with respect to the long tradition and history it will stay in your memory as an image ofo uniqu beauty.

Regional Flavours & Products
In the taverns of Levidi you will taste delicious lamb, intestines, splenandero and salted meat. Levidi is famous for the quality of meat because livestock farming is booming in the large plain.

Levidi is famous for its dairy products, honey, herbs, traditional pasta, sausages, meats, apples, peaches, pears and good local wine.

Cultural events
In Levidi there are many folk customs and celebrations. Many cultural events are held during the summer months. The Feast of the Virgin takes place on August 23rd .

Levidi Attractions

Alexandros Papanastasiou Museum: It was founded in 1976 and it is housed in the old Town Hall. It is a museum – archive that its exhibits include memorabilia from the life and the activity of the great politician, personal belongings, photographs, many manuscripts and also the letter of resignation sent to Eleftherios Venizelos.

The Municipal Library: It has over 2.000 valuable old editions, Greek and foreign.

The Folklore Museum: The Folklore museum of art lovers Association in Levidi gathers multifarious and rich elements of tradition.

The Museum of Folk Culture of Dara in Arcadia: It is located in the village of Dara, 21 km from Vytina. It opened its doors to the public on 16 August 2014. The Museum collects, preserves, exhibits, researches and develops educationally and scientifically the material and intangible folk, cultural content of the village Dara and the neighboring geographical area. The M.L.P.D.A. according to the museography design exhibits objects from the Permanent Collection of „John Bakopoulos“.

Levidi Square: In the entrance of Levidi stands the statue of the father of the Republic Alexandros Papanastasiou. In the beautiful, lively square of Levidi there is the statue of the chieftain Anagnostis Striftombolas and the City Hall of excellent traditional architecture.

The Byzantine church of Panagia: It is located on the hill of Panagitsa, 2 km from Levidi and it is basilica and triconch. Probably the church is built over the ancient temple of Ymnias Artemis where in ancient times were held celebrations with chants. An inscription informs us that the church was illustrated with these exceptional frescoes in 1629. The church celebrates in the novena of the Virgin Mary on 23 August.

The Holy Archangels Church: It has been decorated with exquisite frescoes featuring in 1719. The paintings are so beautiful that saw some mural museum. The church has two clocks, the new and the old, with the stationary indicators at the time of blasting the Germans to stop the sound of the bell that warned for German arrivals.

The Church of the Virgin Mary: Of interest is the church of the 11th century Panagia located in Karvouniaris hill. It is vaulted and has a well-maintained paintings of the 18th century.
In Ascension hill there is the church of the Ascension and the landscape offers magnificent views.

The Monastery of Kandila: In Kandila village and 12 km from Levidi is the Monastery Kandilas. The monastery overlooks the plain into a boulder. The monastery became an important refuge for the inhabitants during the Turkish occupation and revolution. The stone stairs that lead to the church of the monastery which is carved into the rock icons with icons of 1833. The Monastery of Kandila is dedicated to the Assumption.

Springs: Stroll in „Kato Vrysi“(Down Fontain) with the stone elongated construction. For many years was the main source of water for residents. Do not miss the source Shinji Kandilas, a beautiful natural attraction where there is a cave.

Ancient Orchomenos: Orchomenos is located 5 km from Levidi and was one of the largest cities of Arcadia. Today, the ancient city has an excavation which you can visit and admire the theater, the parliament and the traces of the drainage project.

Mainalon Ski Resort: In the mountains of Mainalo on the top of Ostrakina at an altitude of about 1770 meters is running a modern ski resort. Since the winter of 2004, the ski center has passed to the private company OSTRAKINA AETE.

Ski Center Mainalo has 8 great ski slopes, a special park for ATV motorbikes, central chalet for coffee or lunch, snowbar, shelter and four ski lifts. Its special position among the firs, the easy access, the great natural beauty and the rich flora and fauna make it particularly attractive.

Surrounding Area

Vytina: The beautiful Vytina, a famous mountain town of Arcadia dominates the center of the Peloponnese, is 44 kilometers from Tripoli and about 200 km. from Athens. The area is stretched out at the foot of Mainalo at an altitude of 1.033 meters and with the incredible nature that surrounds it is one of the famous tourist resorts of the Peloponnese and one of the best in Greece.

The ancient Orchomenos: It was one of the greatest Arcadian cities and is 4 km from Levidi. Its name came from the King Orchomenus, son of Lycaon. In the upper town survived the Bouleuterion, the Great Agora, the temple of Mesopolitidas Artemis and the ancient theater built in the 3rd century BC in a stunning location and with great acoustics.

At the top of the mountain is the ancient Acropolis of Orchomenos which was named by Homer „Polymilos“ because it was rich in livestock. The ancient Acropolis was the Arcadian center and seat of the kings in the 5th century BC. In Mytikas location, on the east of Orchomenos are the ruins of Mycenaean settlement.

Kandila: The picturesque village of Kandilas is 12 km from Levidi and it is surrounded by lush greenery and olive groves. The name probably comes from Ancient Kondylia, the Sacred Grove of Artemis, that was said to be there. Its inhabitants engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry as in most villages in the municipality of Levidi.

The monastery overlooks the plain into a boulder. It became an important refuge for the inhabitants during the Turkish occupation and revolution. In 1821 the monastery was converted into a hospital by  the Abbot Kallinikos.  Besides the monastery he erected the fort „Bourtzi“. From there, in 1821, along with 200 Kandilian people repulsed 3.000 Turks.

The stone stairs that lead to the church of the monastery which is carved into the rock icons with icons of 1833. The Monastery of Kandila is dedicated to the Assumption.

Traditional taverns in the area offering local cuisine and will be impressed by the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Vlacherna: It is situated in the northern foothills of Mainalon and is surrounded by small hills with pines and firs. The old name of the village was Bezeniko.

The area has many monuments to visit such as the castle of Bezeniko built at an altitude of 362 meters, drowned in the firs and the great Angelokastro. Both castles were bastions of freedom during the Revolution of 1821. The view from both peaks is unparalleled panoramic.

In Vlacherna you can visit the Monastery of Agia Eleousa lying in one of the pits of the castle Bezeniko. The view is magnificent while the tour in the monastery is unique because of its different levels. The Cathedral is dedicated to the Assumption and it is celebrated on August 15.

On the south side of the castle is the church of Panagia Katafygiotissa inside a large cave.

The famous monastery of Panagia Vlacherna sits atop the mountain Kastania and got its name from the image of the Virgin, brought from the monastery of Vlacherna in Istanbul. The church is celebrated on July 2, at the feast of the deposit of Timia gown of Mary.

In Vlacherna operate traditional taverns and market shops of cheese and livestock products. Within the limits of Vlacherna and Chotousa was the ancient city Kafyai or Kafyi, whose ruins are still preserved.

Dara: Shortly after Vlacherna lies the village of Dara, built 660 meters above sea level. The area has a long history from antiquity to today. Dara played an important role in the Revolution of 1821.

In Valley region is still preserved a Venetian tower where it was given a significant battle in 1715 with 600 Turks dead. The area they were burried is called „Mnimata“(memories) so far.

It is worth visiting Museum of Dara which hosts extremely fretwork of C. Bakopoulos and walk around the village where he wrote his memoirs Fotakos, the secretary of Th. Kolokotronis.

Levidi Activities

In Levidi besides skiing at Mainalon Ski Centre you can do mountain biking, 4×4 and hiking.

Some of the most beautiful hiking routes are:

Levidi – Vlacherna – Vytina – Alonistaina – Davias – Roeino – Tripoli – Kapsia – Levidi: A very beautiful route with picturesque traditional villages and many attractions. The distance is 100 km and takes about 100 minutes.

Levidi (from Square uphill to the mountain) – Mainalon Forest – Kapeli Plateau – Arpakotis Plateau – Agios Petros – Vytina – Vlacherna – Levidi: A magical journey through the fir forest of Mainalo. The distance is 75 km and the duration depends on the road conditions.

How to get there

Levidi is from Tripoli 25 km. And from Athens 209 km.

On the highway Athens-Corinth towards Tripolis turn right to Vytina.

Levidi Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Municipality of Levidi
27963 60000, 27960 22211
Bus Station Levidi
27960 22456
Police Station Levidi
27960 22202
Friends of Arts Association
27960 22407
Clinic Levidi
27960 22274
Mountaineering Club of Tripoli
2710 232243
Bus Station Athens
210 5134575
Mainalo Ski Center
6985 063909
Bus Station Tripoli
2710 222560

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