Methana, Saronischen Inseln


Μέθανα, Αργοσαρωνικός

Eastward of Peloponnese and southwest of Piraeus, we find the small scenic peninsula of Methana, which belongs to the cluster of beautiful islands of Argosaronikos Gulf. Methana peninsula, synonymous to wild beauty, which was created after the volcano eruption 23 centuries ago, besets the visitor.

The natural beauties, the volcanic landscapes, the wonderful beaches, the famous from the antiquity mineral water springs, the numerous landscapes, the rich history of the region and the small distance from the capital render Methana an attractive holiday destination.


Methana Map

Methana is one of the most popular spas in Greece. Its hot water springs, which are situated along the southeast seacoast of the peninsula, are result of the volcanic action. A lot of visitors swarm at the spas of the area, for the treatment of many troubles, as well as for the refreshment of the organism. In Methana you can also enjoy a special natural sea treatment, as the waters of spas flow into the sea, and their mix with the sea water has beneficial influence on the organism health and the skin beauty.

Methana Attractions & Surrounding Area

In Methana, there are many important sights. On Palaiokastro hill, near to Vathi village, the ruins the Akropolis of Ancient Methana, dated from the 4 th century B.C., lie.

The climbing onto the hillock of Kameni Hora, in order to reach the biggest volcanic caldera among the 30 that are interspersed in the area, following a unique path through pines, hollies, olive-trees and spectacular lava formations, will compensate you with the wonderful panoramic view of Argosaronikos Gulf.

The magnificent traditional building of hydrotherapy clinic, with the blue lake with the hot mineral waters in front of it, gives an especial tone to the town of Methana.
Steno is situated 5 kilometers southwest of Methana, at the narrowest place of the peninsula. There, we find the ruins of ancient walls, made by the Athenians during the Peloponnesian War, the small medieval castle of Favieros, and the church of Saint Nikolaos, built in the 15 th century B.C. In the same area, you can also visit the lake “cave of pigeons”, which was discovered in 1973, is 250 meters and constitutes of 3 rooms covered with water.

A visit to the piney islet of Saint Theodoroi, which is linked with the town of Methana by a road, is a must. The homonymous church and remnants of an ancient fortification are found there.

The peninsula of Methana offers a variety of beaches with natural beauty and blue crystal waters, much-frequented or isolated, sandy or pebbly, where you can relax and go in for sea sports.

You can swim at the organized beach of Greek Touristic Organisation next to the port, and at Limniona beach in a verdurous area. In the northern side, prefer the beaches of Saint Theodoroi and Saint Nikolaos, where there are mineral water springs, whereas in the eastern coastline, the wonderful beach of Almyra is suitable for those who avoid the crowds of people.

The peninsula of Methana, with the different landscapes, the historical and archeological interest as well as the warm hospitality of the residents emits an authentic beauty that fascinates the visitor.

How to get there

Coastally: Ferry Boats and flying dolphins depart daily from Piraeus Port to Methana. Methana are also linked with all the islands of Argosaronikos, as well as with Nauplio, Ermioni and Porto Heli.

Roadly: You can also go roadly to Methana via the National Road Athens-Korinthos. At the Isthmus of Korinthos, you go left to Epidauros. From Epidauros, following the street, you arrive at the village of Trizina.

Methana Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Methana Municipality
22980 92269, 92324
Methana Bus Station
22980 92340
Methana Health Center
22980 92222
Methana Taxi Station
22980 92497
Methana Police Station
22980 92370
Methana Watering Place
22980 92243
Methana Tourist Police
22980 22256
Flying Dolphins (Methana)
22980 92460
Methana Port Authority
22980 92279, 92575
Methana Marina
22980 92822, 92324
Piraeus Port Authority
 210 4226000