Vytina, Peloponnes


The beautiful Vytina, a famous mountain town of Arcadia which overlooks the central Peloponnese, it is 43 km from Tripoli and about 200 km from Athens. The area stretches at the foot of Mainalo at an altitude of 1.033 meters and thanks to its excellent nature, is considered one of the most famous tourist resorts of Peloponnese and one of the best in Greece. The winter is often covered with snow and offer a unique insight to the visitor.

For the name have been several theories such as to come from an ancient female name, the name of a wine container (vytini) due to its location, from the word „vythos“ (bottom) or it is of Slavic origin and means „Fir-covered place“.

Vytina Map

In ancient times, in Vytina were worshiped the ancient gods Demeter and Poseidon. In the village Magouliana one can find today the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon.

Vytina had played an important role in the liberation struggle of 1821 and it considered sacred. The area supplied the army with bread and took care of injured. From the area came many chieftains, captains and fighters of the 1821 Revolution. In 1825 and 1826, the troops of Ibrahim burned Vytina seven times, due to its active action in the liberation struggle.

Τhe impressive fir forest of Mainalon, the freshness and the special fragrance, endow Vytina with the rare healthy climate which for years was considered an important therapeutic place for soul and body. Until 1940 was a place of healing people with chest diseases with two sanatoriums.

Vytina is the birthplace of the historian of the Nation Constantine Paparrigopoulos and the jurists Vassilis Economides, the philosopher explorer African & Asian Panayotis Potagos, the busts whom adorn the town. Finally, it is also the home of I. Dimakopoulos, the hero commander of Arkadi.

Stately, welcoming, beautiful and serene with old stone houses, picturesque streets covered with trees and the square by the old church, Vytina  attracts many visitors rewarding their choice with unforgettable holidays.

The area offers many options for accommodation such as stylish guesthouses, hotels with high level of hospitality, mansions and apartments and splendid taverns and restaurants with quality food, places for coffee or sweet, traditional art shops and markets with local products which are sure to meet the needs of the most demanding visitor.

In the taverns of Vytina you can taste rooster with noodles, lamb in a pot and hunting (hare, wild boar, pheasant). Do not forget to buy chestnuts, trachana and noodles made with pure traditional ingredients, dairy products, honey, herbal teas and woodwork.

On February 1st St. Tryphon a festival is organized in the area. During the first half of August takes place the annual „Feast of the Forest“.

Vytina Attractions

Vytina’s Square: In the beautiful main square of Vytina there are many shops, cafes etc. Here stands the statue of the historian Constantine Paparrigopoulos while the bust of the Kingdom Economidis is located in the small square.

Church of St. Tryphon: In the main square of Vytina is the stone church of St. Tryphon, the patron saint of the area, which was built in 1864 on the foundations of an older church. The temple was built by local craftsmen with the famous local black marble.

Monastery of Kernitsa: You can visit the Monastery of Kernitsa in Nymfasia village, which was founded in 1105 and during the years of Ottoman domination operated as a secret school.

Visit the historical monastery of St. Theodore, the church of Holy Apostles dating from the 16th century, the church of the Assumption, founded in the 17th century, that features gilded images of unique style and aesthetic. Just a few kilometers from Vytina is the monastery of Panagia Sfyrida, built on a rocky site with spectacular views.

The Museum of Folk Culture of Dara in Arcadia: It is located in the village of Dara, 21 km from Vytina. It opened its doors to the public on 16 August 2014. The Museum collects, preserves, exhibits, researches and develops educationally and scientifically the material and intangible folk, cultural content of the village Dara and the neighboring geographical area. The M.L.P.D.A. according to the museography design exhibits objects from the Permanent Collection of „John Bakopoulos“.

The Folklore Museum: The stone Folklore Museum is housed in a new building in the square of Vytina and hosts exhibits and rich historical material.

The Municipal Library: Housed in a restored building in the square of Vytina, has a long tradition in publishing, historical forms and rich photographic material.

Kolokotronis House: A short distance from Vytina in the village Libovisi, there is the ancestral home of Kolokotronis, which now serves as a small museum.

The Greek School: A remarkable example of traditional architecture is the stone Greek school. It is a historic building that connects with the historical school of Vytina.

Aqueduct & Bridge: You can see the old aqueduct and the stone bridge that passes over the river Mylaontas.

Pausanias Source: Just before Vytina, on the outskirts of Mainalo lies the source of Pausanias, which he states in „Arcadika“.

Walk and enjoy the ride in the tree-lined ‚way of love‘, ideal for romantics and lovers. In the upper neighborhood there is the hill of St. Elias, with the chapel from where the view will enchant you.

Ski Center Mainalo: In the mountains of Mainalo on the top of Ostrakina at an altitude of about 1770 meters is running a modern ski resort. Since the winter of 2004, the ski center has passed to the private company OSTRAKINA AETE.

Ski Center Mainalo has 8 great ski slopes, a special park for ATV motorbikes, central chalet for coffee or lunch, snowbar, shelter and four ski lifts. Its special position among the firs, the easy access, the great natural beauty and the rich flora and fauna make it particularly attractive.

You can see and visit many nearby destinations, which are only a few kilometers from Vytina. Some of them are Elati, Pyrgaki, Methydrio etc.

Surrounding Area

Elati: Visit the beautiful Elati village close to Vytina. Elati is a place of infinite beauty, in a dense pine forest with plenty of water. It is worth visiting the church of Zoodochos Pigi and the aqueduct of Methydrio that provides water to villages.

Pyrgaki: The small village of Pirgaki is a village of Mainalon near to Vytina, close to the settlement of Methydrio. Both villages are surrounded by beautiful firs. Nearby is the monastery of St. Theodore and under the monastery flows the river Mylaontas. In the same area are the ruins of the ancient Methydrio.

Vytina Activities

In Vytina you can ski in the Ski Center Mainalo and the surrounding area offer 4X4, mountain biking, rafting, hiking, etc.

Some of the beautiful hiking routes are:

Vytina – Mainalon Forest – Mainalon Ski Centre – Kardaras – Levidi – Vlacherna – Vytina, a beautiful route through the forest of Mainal, the distance is 50 km and takes about 60-70 minutes.

Vytina – Campeas – Dimitsana – Stemnitsa – Elati – Pyrgaki – Vytina, a route through the picturesque villages of Dimitsana and Stemnitsa. The distance is 80 km and it takes about 60-100 minutes.

Vytina – Pyrgaki – Elati – Libovisi – Arkoudorema – Alonistaina – Vytina, a route with many picturesque villages and many attractions. The distance is 60 km and it takes about 60-70 minutes.

How to get there

Vytina is from Tripoli 43 km and from Athens 200 km.

On the highway Athens-Corinth towards Tripolis turn right to Levidi – Vytina, the first exit after the toll of Tripoli. After passing Levidi arrive in Vytina. The distance from Tripoli is about 43 km.

Vytina Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Municipality of Vytina
27953 60100
Folklore Museum Vytina
27950 22566
Clinic Vytina
27950 22222
Bus Station Athens
210 5134575
Police Station Vytina
27950 22207
Bus Station Tripoli
2710 222560
Forest Authority Vytina
27950 22213
Railway Station (OSE) Athens
210 5240646
Post Office Vytina
27950 22233
Railway Station (OSE) Tripoli
2710 222402
Taxi Vytina
27950 22619
Mountaineering Club of Tripoli
2710 232243
Library of Vytina
27950 22017
Mainalo Ski Center
6985 063909

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