Ano Chora Nafpaktias: Walk the cobblestone streets and enjoy the fresh air

Ano Chora Nafpaktias

Ano Chora Nafpaktias or Megali Lobotina until 1928, is an excellent mountain destination which on weekends is full of visitors. It is the base of Apodotia Municipality and it is located 58km away from the city of Nafpaktos at an altitude of 1.050m.

It is a lovely and picturesque village which offers unrivalled natural beauty and hosts a great number of visitors. It is built at a marvelous spot between the imposing rocks at the foot of Vardousia mountain chain.


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All the mountain tops and sides are covered by huge fir-trees and chestnut-trees of at least 150 to 500 years old. The area is overgrown and offers gorges, rivers and torrents which are offered for tours by off road vehicles following the forest roads. The few inhabitants of Ano Chora (approximately 400) are occupied to cattle-breeding, agriculture and tourism.

At Ano Chora you should visit the Metropolitan Church of Agia Paraskevi. It is celebrated every year on 26th of July. Near Ano Chora there is Evinos Lake from where the visitor can pass to Evrytania prefecture.

From Ano Chora you can walk the Kakavos path (or Hercules path) which in the past connected the villages of Ano Chora and Ampelakiotissa (ask the locals if the path is clear and accessible). Enjoy a wonderful course of 45 minutes, admiring rare species of plants and flowing water at the gorge of Kakavos.

It is also worth visiting the Holy Monastery of Panagia Ampelakiotissa-Agios Polikarpos which is located at the near village Ampelakiotissa. The Monastery was took its name by the icon of Panagia (Virgin Mary) from Ampelakia of Thessaly. The icon came to this area during the Turkish Domination when the Turks threw it to Pinios River after they managed to dominate Ampelakia of Thessaly. The icon was drifted by the stream and on 15th of August of 1455 was found, hanged on the branches of the oak-tree which is located behind the sanctuary of the church.

In the village of Ano Chora you will find picturesque taverns and small traditional coffee shops for moments of relaxation and rest.

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