Argolida: When the rich historical tradition is alive …


Capital: Nafplio
Main areas are: Argos, (Ancient) Epidavrus, Epidavrus, Mycenae, Nafplio, Porto Heli, Tolo.

Argolida has many beautiful sandy beaches mainly at Argolic bay: Arbanitia, Karathonas, Nea Kios, Miloi, Paralia Tirou, Asini, Drepano, Tolo, Vivari and Iria. Making your way towards Ermioni, you meet the beaches of Koilada, Porto Cheli, Kosta, Petrothalassa, Plepi and at Saronic bay: Nea and Palaia Epidavrus and Galatas.

The first capital of Greece, Nafplio still awaits you for an unforgettable visit full of beautiful moments. Nafplio resembles a drawing with the imposing citadel of Palamidi protectively cradling the city and the Bourtzi. The magic of Nafplio starts from the narrow roads with the neoclassical buildings, the historical squares and the Turkish mosque.

It’s worthwhile visiting Palamidi, the Akronafplia, the laographic, venetic museum and the museum of chaplet. There are also two Turkish tzamis and the church of Agios Spiridon where the governor of Greece Kapodistrias was murdered. Do not forget to taste the traditional cuisine in the taverns of the city.

Argolida Map

Argos is the most ancient city. It is today a rich trading and agricultural centre. It’s worthwhile visiting the Ancient Theatre, the remains of the romance watering-places, the conservatory, the temple of Aphrodite and parts of the ancient city.Inside the city are the building of the barracks of Kapodistria, the manor-house of General Tsokri and the archeological museum.

Leaving Argos, you can visit the Kefalari, a blooming area with running waters.

Tolo is a modern summer resort. The area offers a lot of facilities to the visitors. By the caique you can also enjoy the peaceful island Romvi (opposite Tolo).

North of Nafplio is Nea Kios. The city was built from the Micrasiates refugees from Kio. During the last years, Nea Kios has gathered many tourists.

Asini is placed on a citrus tree covered plain. Homer, the great poet has glorified it in the Iliada. Don’t forget to visit the ancient acropolis on the top of the hill, not far from the sea.

A real “gem” of Argolida, Epidavrus is well known for its theater. Built in a forest, it enchants every visitor for its architecture as well as for its sounds. At the archaeological place, the most important buildings are the temple of Apollo Maleati, the cyclic building of Tholo, the temple of Themida and the ruins of the temple of Artemi. Don’t miss visiting the archaeological museum.

Near Epidavrus is Ligourio, which, because of its proximity to the theatre, gathers a lot of tourists. Beautiful villages are Tracheia, Dimaina, Koliaki and Gialasi.

One of the most important archaeological places is Mycenae which has long been the centre of the Mycenean civilization. Don’t miss visiting the acropolis of the city, the “Pili of Leonton”, which is the most ancient sculptural monument in the whole Europe. Outside the acropolis domed graves, the most imposing of which is the grave of Agamemnon, have been found. Tirintha, according to mythology, was built by Cyclops.

At the edge of the argoliki peninsula, stands the beautiful Ermioni which is “dressed” in the traditional insular colour.

On the west side of the Saronic bay, opposite the island of Poros, is Galatas, the ideal place for those who prefer relaxing vacations.

On the southern seashore of Argolida is Porto Heli. Built on the remains of the ancient city, today has become a famous summer resort. Caiques, small and big sailing boats and yachts are right at anchor.

From Porto Heli you can enjoy daily excursions to the islands of Ydra, Spetses, Poro, Nafplio, Epidayrus, Mycenae, and the caves of Dyrou, Monemvasia, Mystra and the Cyclades islands.

How to get there

By bus: Intercity buses run daily from Athens to Argos and Nafplio.
By car: In order to go to Argolida by car

From Athens the distance is 144 km
From Thessaloniki the distance is 471 km
From Patra the distance is 49 km
From Korinthos the distance is 61 km
From Ioannina the distance is 421 km

By train: There are time-tables from Athens to Argos and Nafplio.
Coastally: Flying Dolphins depart from marina of Zeas to Nafplio, Ermioni, Tolo, Porto Heli and Epidavrus.

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Argolida Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Argos Municipality
27513 60700
Athens Bus Station
210 5134588
Argos Hospital
27513 60290, 27510 24455-9
Argos Railway Station
27510 67212
Argos Police Station
 27510 67222
Athens Railway Station
210 5131601
Argos Traffic Police
27510 67247
Nafplio Port Authority
27520 22974
Argos Bus Station
27510 69323
Marina Zeas Port Authority
210 4593144
Nafplio Bus Station
27520 27323
Piraeus Port Authority
210 4226000-4
Kranidi Bus Station
2610 21218
Argos Post Office
27510 67366
Galatas Bus Station
22980 42480
Argos Archaeological Museum
27510 68819
Isthmos (Korinth) Bus Station
27410 83000