Elatochori: Wild mountain beauty


Elatochori is situated at Pieria Prefecture in a distance of 28km from Katerini city. It is a picturesque, mountain village, built at an altitude of 850m. The last years it attracts many visitors for winter vacations. It consists of two settlements the Old Elatochori (old name Skouterna) and the new settlement.

At the paved square of the new settlement there is the church of Saints Constantine and Helen and around it there are picturesque local coffee-shops, taverns, the Municipal School and the big building of the Folklore Museum. There the visitor can find objects from the activities and habits of the inhabitants of the village.

At Elatochori there are 700 inhabitants , especially farmers and cattle-breeders too.

Elatochori Map

Elatochori Attractions & Surrounding Area

The church of Saint Nikolaos, at Old Elatochori, built at one of the higher spots of the village. The church is built in 1779 and it is the only saved construction after the complete destruction of the village from the Germans in 27 th January of 1944.

The Monastery of Saint Georgios, situated three kilometres north east of Ritini. It is the older religious monument of Pierion Municipality. The Monastery is built in 15 th century but the older fresco, of Saint Georgios is dated back to 1494. It is built at an excellent spot, offering amazing view to Olympos Mountain, to the sea and to Pieria Mountains.

The Ancient quarry situated in a distance of 11km from the center of Vria settlement. There you will find the huge, hewn large stones and the interspersed pillars in a forest of beech trees.

The Kremaston Waterfalls situated at an altitude of 1000m., offering a spectacular view. At winter period the water is much more and the waterfalls can be seen from Ritini.

The Mountain shelters of Sarakatsana at an altitude of 1850m., of Milia at an altitude of 1150m. and of Flabouro at an altitude of 1900m.

The Cultural and Folklore association of Elatochori revives the traditional customs during the year which end to feasts at the central square of the village. On Monday after the carnival (Kathara Deftera) the locals and the visitors enjoy themselves with local, traditional musical instruments (clarinet, bagpipes) and taste local bean soup (fasolada). At the last weekend of July it’s the annual meeting of all individuals who come from Elatochori (inhabitants or not).

The area offers to the visitor, pictures of unrivalled natural beauty and in the same time an ideal place for mountain activities such as trekking, mountain bike and skiing (at Elatochori ski center in a distance of 8km from Elatochori and 36km from Katerini).

The ski center of Elatochori is located at the North east side of Pieria Mountains, at the spot “Papa Chorafi”, at an altitude of 1410m. and at the mountain top at an altitude of 1750m. At the ski center there are: a modern chalet, parking space, shops for renting or selling ski equipment, ski schools, a first aid station with doctor at daily base. There are 3 lifts and 5 tracks.

How to get there

The access to Elatochori is very easy. From Katerini you follow the old national road Katerini-Elassona and you pass the villages Svorono, Neokesaria, Moschochori, Vria and Ritini.

Elatochori is 95km (through Katerini) and 105km (through Veria) far away from Thessaloniki and 460km far away from Athens.

Elatochori Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Elatochori Municipality
23510 82960
Elatochori Ski Center
23510 82993

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