Evia: Rare natural attractions and archaeological sites


Seat of the prefecture: Chalkida
The main areas of the prefecture are: Eretria, Karystos, Kymi, and Chalkida.

The island prefecture of Evia is one of the 7 prefectures of the region of Sterea Ellada, and, at the same time, the second largest island of Greece, second only to Crete. To the west it is bathed by the Evoic Gulf and to the south and east by the Aegean Sea. Evia is connected to the mainland Sterea Ellada via two bridges spanning the Euripus Porthmus.

Evia is located close to the residential area of Athens and thanks to its countless points of natural beauty, it attracts many tourists from Greece and abroad. The archaeological sites, the Byzantine monuments, the natural sights and the beautiful beaches attract the attention of the visitors.

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Evia Attractions

The city of Chalkida, seat of the prefecture, is the administrative, industrial, commercial and financial hub of the prefecture. It is a modern city with vibrant life and many points of interest. It is worth visiting the impressive suspension bridge, connecting the island to the mainland, but, also, the old, sliding bridge, from where you can also admire the famous tidal movements of the waters under the bridge. You can also visit the Turkish-Venetian castle Karabamba built on a strategic location, the medieval church of Agia Paraskevi and the ancient Roman aqueduct.

Chalkida also has an Archaeological and Folk arts Museum with important exhibits. In the Turkish mosque is housed a collection of Byzantine art, consisting mainly of Byzantine and post-Byzantine works of sculpture, mosaics and ceramic pottery, while various works of art are also housed in the Municipal Paintings Gallery. The beaches where you can swim are those of Kourenti, Liani Ammos, Panagitsa, Papathanassiou and Souvala.

The beautiful town of Eretria is located in the southern part of the prefecture. It is the natural harbour of Evia, with a rich history, but also an important vacation spot. Among the sights you should not miss in Eretria is the ancient theatre, part of the defensive wall of ancient Eretria, ruins of the temple of “Dafniforos” (Laurel bearing) Apollo, a Macedonian tomb of 4th age B. C., the “House of Mosaics“, the temples of Dionysus and Dimitra, the Ancient Dome, the remnants of the Temple of Isis, and the Gymnasium, the museum In the mansion of Kanaris and the Archaeological Museum with exhibits spanning all the historical periods. A real jewel for the town of Eretria is the verdant green “Island of the Dreams“, which is connected to the mainland via a picturesque bridge. On this small “Paradise on Earth” there are tourist facilities that can offer you an unforgettable vacation and the opportunity to live unique experiences. In Eretria and the surrounding area there are many beautiful beaches, where you can swim and enjoy water sports.

The beautiful and historical town of Karystos is a modern town of significant tourist interest, having the privilege to harmoniously combine the sea landscape with the rugged beauty of the mountain. It is a natural harbour with frequent service to Rafina. In the area you can visit, among others, the Venetian tower “Bourtzi” of the 13th century, overlooking the beach of the town, the ruins of the castle Del Rossi, a small museum in the Giokalio Foundation with a collection of archaeological finds of the area, and a library. Also, the mountain villages, the villages of Kavo Doro and Drakospita.

Do not omit to visit the Gorge of Dimossaris on Ohi Mountain. It is a landscape of unique beauty, with rich vegetation, plenty of running water and rare species of birds.

The town of Kymi is amphitheatrically built in a verdant green setting offering a magnificent view to the Aegean Sea. Its characteristic architectural style with its stone-built houses and the stone-paved little streets gives a special character to the town. In the area you can find picturesque beaches and unique natural beauties. The sights of the area include the nun monastery of Metamorfossi Sotiros (Transfiguration of Jesus Christ), the church of Panagia Laoutsianissa (devoted to Virgin Mary) with an amazing chancel screen, the medicinal springs of Honeftiko and the mountain Oxylinthos on the top of which a volcano crater exists.

In Evia is located the biggest centre of medicinal baths in Greece. Edipsos, famous for its medicinal springs since the ancient years, has significant tourist infrastructure and modern hydrotherapy facilities capable of accommodating the large number of visitor attracted by the beneficial effects of the spring water. Here you can also see the ruins of ancient Roman baths and the nun monastery of Agios Georgios (Saint George) with significant murals.

Other areas with archaeological sites, monuments and natural sights are: Aliveri, Vassiliko, Istiea, Limni, Mantoudi, Pefki, Orei.

The prefecture of Evia with the abundant natural beauty, the traditional villages, the great archaeological importance, the great monuments, the traditional settlements, the modern tourist infrastructure and the enchanting beaches, invites you to discover it and it promises to offer you unforgettable experiences.

How to get there

By bus: There is frequent daily service with KTEL busses from Athens to Halkida and Kymi, and from Thessalonica to Halkida.

By car: You can get to Halkida by car:

The distance from Athens is 88km.
The distance from Thessalonica is 456km.
The distance from Patras is 283km.
The distance from Corinth is 149km.

By train: There is train service from Athens to Halkida.

By Ferry: There is a ferry connection between the island of Skyros and the town of Kymi and from Oropos to Eretria.

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Evia Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Chalkida Municipality
22210 22314
Oropos Port Authority
22950 37270
Chalkida Hospital
22210 21901
Chalkida Bus Station
22210 22436, 22640, 23120
Chalkida Police Station
22210 22100
Athens Bus Station
210 8317163, 210 8317153
Chalkida Traffic Police
22210 22513
Thessaloniki Bus Station
2310 595448
Chalkida Tourist Police
22210 77777
Chalkida Railway Station
22210 22386
Chalkida Port Authority
22210 28888
Athens Railway Station
210 5297777
Eretria Port Authority
22290 62201
Chalkida Radio Taxi
22210 89300-3
Kymi Port Authority
22220 22606