Evros: The gate to the East


Capital: Alexandroupoli
Also the mainer regions are: Alexandroupoli, Didimoticho, Makri, Orestiada.

This prefecture is the gate of Europe, which has take his name from the homonym river that constitutes also the aquatic border of Greece with Turkey. The department is also connected with Bulgaria. The prefecture allocates important cities, as modern Orestiada, known as “Paris of Thraki”, the historical Didimoticho with plenty of appreciable monuments, which existed for some interval and capital of Ottoman state.


Evros Map

Alexandroupoli also, modern and spacious, most important commercial and transport centre of Northern Greece, that is also the most important harbour of Thraki. The delta of river Evros, is region of aquatic growth and has officially been characterized forest.

Alexandroupoli today is the unique big harbour of Thraki and the important transport node. In 1919 after the final release, the city took its name to price of king Alexandros. You should visit the municipal park, the small church of Agios Eletherios, the village Dadia and the outdoor sanctuary of Ancient Thrakian people, near the mountainous village Kirki.

Evros Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Alexandroupoli Hospital
25510 74000
Orestiada Police Station
25520 29644
Alexandroupoli Police Station
25510 66103
Didimotiho Hospital
25530 22011
Alexandroupoli Traffic Police
25510 66167
Didimotiho Library
25530 24585
Alexandroupoli Tourist Police
25510 66119
Didimotiho Folklore Museum
25530 22316
Alexandroupoli Archaeological Museum
25510 26785
Orestiada Police Station
25520 22222