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Itea: A coastal town surrounded by mountains


The coastal town of Itea is located 13 km south of Amfissa embraced the Corinthian Gulf. Together with the neighboring Kirra, are built deep in Crissaean bay.

Behind the picturesque Itea lies the olive grove of Amfissa, surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Giona and Parnassus, on which you can distinguish Delphi and Chrisso.

Itea is a new town founded in 1830 and probably owes its name due to the many willows that grew in the region. Today, it has a population of 9.000 inhabitants.

Itea is an important resort and the most important and biggest port of Fokida prefecture. In its commercial port are being loaded the bauxites from the bauxite mines operating in the region. The sophisticated marina has been able of mooring 250 boats.

Itea Map

It played an important role at the start of Greece’s independence on September 17, 1827. Then, the first steam ship,  “Karteria” guided by the philhellene Frank Ampnef Hastings, managed to plunge the entire Turkish flagship. The event took place in Skala Salona, ​​at Agali bay.

The bright and modern town of Itea stands for its premium street plan, providing guests with comfort and functionality. The picturesque tree-lined squares and the seaside street “Akti Poseidonos” are suitable for a walk in the city, which in combination with the spectacular views will be unforgettable.

Itea, in recent years, has  a rapid tourism development, thus offers visitors excellent accommodation. Rooms, apartments, hotels and campgrounds are waiting to welcome you and offer you their exceptional services for a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Taverns, fish restaurants, cafes and bars of Itea’s beach where you can enjoy fresh fish and a variety of flavors with views of the Corinthian Gulf and the Peloponnese.

There are many beautiful and clean beaches like Trocadero and Miami awarded with the blue flags and the beautiful beaches of Xenia, Annunciation, Vrachakia and St. John where you will find peace and tranquility. The beaches of Itea, other organized or free will satisfy the most demanding visitor.

The beautiful and lively town of Itea hosts major events such as conferences, swimming races of international reputation aw well as the rally “Acropolis” and “Olympion“.

Kirra is a famous village 2km from Itea and offers many attractions and beautiful beaches.

Itea combines mountain and sea and is ideal for short trips in the mountains. On the seaside of Itea distinguished nearby Galaxidi and the Peloponnese. From the green hill of St. Anargyroi, the view will amaze you!

Regional Flavours & Products

In the taverns of Itea you can taste fresh fish, seafood ouzo and the famous Roumeli kontosouvli, intestines, lamb, splenandero, the Amfissa olives and sheep’s yoghurt.

Do not forget to buy some of the typical local products of the region such as olives, green oil, wine, fresh olive preserves, honey, nuts rustic, raki etc. The sweets “Almond” and “Revani” of Galaxidi will be unforgettable.

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Anniversary of the Battle of Agali: The celebration of the historic anniversary of the battle takes place on the last Sunday of September. The event took place in Skala Salona, ​​the Agali bay.

It played an important role at the start of Greece’s independence on September 17, 1827. Then, the first steam ship,  “Karteria” guided by the philhellene Frank Ampnef Hastings, managed to plunge the entire Turkish flagship.

The events start a few days earlir with outdoor events, music and dance performances, theater performances and on Sunday, the day of the anniversary, an honorary celebration takes place with speeches, wreaths, memorial, dance, photography exhibitions and reconstructions.

Celebration St. Constantine & Helen: The church of St. Constantine and Helen was saved from the Turkish occupation and is located in the entrance of the gulf of Itea, at the islet. Fishing boats and private aircraft carry believers to the islet where pontifical vespers are celebrated.

Celebration of St. John: The cultural group of Itea “O Desmos” organizes a big festival with traditional orchestra, food and wine.

Celebration of Lights: In Itea distinguishes the ceremony of sanctification of the Waters. The ceremony takes place at the seaside of Itea with great pomp. Sanctification is done by Metropolitan Fokida with thousands of visitors from all over Greece. Young people who dive for the Holy Cross and then parade it throughout the city for blessing. The priests release white doves and fanfare, bells and chants are heard across the harbor.

Fokida’s Exhibition: This is an institution that is held annually by the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Fokida. The exhibition takes place in the marina of Itea and includes disposal products of all kinds and participating chambers, institutions, embassies, shopping stores etc. It is the largest trade event in the region and lasts five days.

Many events are organized during the summer months such as “Dolphins” and Swimming games in August. In the Savior Transfiguration on August 6 feast takes place.

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Visit the Church of the Transfiguration, patron of Itea. The construction of the church began in 1890 and is a major project of both yesterday and today.

Worth seeing the church of St. Anargyroi at the hill and the church of St. Constantine at the islet in the bay of Itea. Also visit Agali bay where is Skala Salona.

Itea has many beaches some of which are organized such as beautiful Miami beach and Trocadero with blue flag. Amazing beaches are also St. John and Vrahakia of Kirra.

In Itea you can admire the view of an idyllic landscape, the hill of St. Anargyroi. Also amazing is the grove that stretches back from Itea.

Itea Islets: The beautiful island of Saint Constantine is located at the entrance of the Gulf of Itea. There, there is the church of St. Constantine and Helen saved from the Turkish and celebrated with pomp.

Ideal for boat rides are beautiful and picturesque islands of the bay of Itea Agios Georgios, Agios Athanasios, Agios Dimitrios and Molemeno.

Surrounding Area

20km from Itea are Delphi, the navel of the earth. It is worth visiting the archaeological site of Delphi with the famous oracle and enjoy the views of the Corinthian Gulf.

The picturesque Galaxidi, is a coastal town in the SE part of Fokida located in west part of Crisaean bay.Its distance from Athens is 217 km and 90 km from Patras.

Kirra, is just 2 km from Itea and is a very ancient city. The area has a vast sandy beach that attracts many visitors. In Kirra there are many attractions that you can visit such as the ancient church of St. Nicholas, the church of St. John and the verey old watermill of “Skliri” that has now been converted into a residence.

Next to the primary school of Kirra are remnants of the warhouses of the harbor while ruins of the ancient harbor are half sunk in Kirra beach. In place of the current harbor there are still ruins of a medieval tower that was probably used as a lighthouse.

Desfina is a mountain town amphitheatrically built at 600 meters above sea level. It is the birthplace of the 1821 hero Bishop of Salona Isaiah and the painter Spyros Papaloukas.

In Desfina, you can visit the Monastery of John the Baptist of the 11th century where it was decided the declaration of the Revolution in Central Greece, the Monastery of Holy Archangels and the chapel of the Archangels with remarkable Byzantine frescoes.

In the place Syros-Castle are being saved the ruins of the ancient city Medeonas, destroyed along with Echedeameia by Philip C. in the Holy War.

The Desfina has many beautiful beaches such as Valtoi, Agios Andreas, Prosakos, Makria Mallia, Ag. Nikolaos and others.

How to get there

Those who want to get to Itea from Northern Greece, follow Thessaloniki – Lamia National Road. After Thermopylae, the 200th kilometer, there is a junction where you must follow the road to Amfissa – Nafpaktos – Antirrio.

From Athens via the National Road Athens – Lamia. The node of Thermopylae turn left towards Amfissa.

From West Greece, follow the road Nafpaktos – Itea. Through the coupling of Rio – Antirio, you end up at Lepanto, who come from the Peloponnese. Also, there is a connection and by ferry boat from the port of Aigio taking you to St. Nicholas.

Ioannina Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Itea Municipality
22650 33581, 33860
Ferry Agios Nikolaos
22660 31132, 31854
Health Center
22650 32224
Bus Station Itea
22650 32336
Police Itea
22650 33333
22650 32200
Traffic Police Itea
22650 34440
Port Authority Itea
22650 32319, 35220
Firebrigade Itea
22650 35122
Port Authority Aigio
26910 28888

Itea Photos