Lefkada: Heavenly beaches with turquoise waters


Lefkada is an island of the Ionian Sea, the fourth in size of Eptanissa and the most mountainous. It lies between Kefalonia and Corfu and it is the only island accessible by car, as it is connected via a bridge to the area of Aitoloakarnania which is only a short distance from its coast.

The great number of points of interest, the verdant green expanses, the impressive beaches, the picturesque coastal areas, the traditional architectural style in the little settlements, the modern tourist infrastructure and the small picturesque islands by the east coast called “Prigiponissia“, are the most important attractions for Greek and foreign visitors.

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Lefkada Attractions & Surrounding Area

The town of Lefkada, also the capital of the island, is home to many and important points of interest. Among them are the ruins of ancient Lefkada which include the remnants of the theatre and the fortification walls.

Make sure you visit the very well preserved Venetian castle-fortress of Agia Mavra (Saint Mavra) built about 1300 by Giovanni Orsini, as well as the park called Bosketo where stand the busts of eminent Lefkadians.

In the town of Lefkada itself, the visitor has the chance to see many old churches with excellent mural paintings and icons. Some of them are: the churches of Agios Spyridon, Agios Demetrios, Agios Minas, Panagia Isodion and Christou Pantokratora, all built during the Venetian occupation of the island.

Some other religious monuments worth visiting are the Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni, close to the village Fryni, which was built in 1634 and attracts many visitors; the Monastery of Panagia Odigitria, built around 1450, the oldest monastery on the island; and the church of Agios Ioannis Antzousis, where, according to the oral tradition, Apostle Paul spread the word of Christianity.

You should, also, visit the Public Library, with a rich collection of old books and manuscripts, as well as the collection of icons of post-Byzantine art which is housed in an impressive mansion; the Folk-art Museum with a collection of local traditional costumes, weaving equipment, carpets, woven articles, agricultural equipment and a room representing the interior of a traditional Lefkada house; and the Museum of Phonographs with memorabilia of times past…

In the area of Agia Aikaterini one can see the marvellous Alabaster Cave with an impressive decor of stalactites and stalagmites. A must for the lovers of nature is a visit to the Gorge of Melissa, with its plane-trees and the ten old water-mills. Its exploration will reward you, thanks to its unique natural beauty.

The well known town of Nydri is one of the most popular areas of Lefkada. Opposite the town lies Scorpios, the small private island of Aristotle Onassis. Vassiliki is a seaside village, surrounded by green hills, where ruins of the temple of Apollo can be found, as well as the monastery of Agios Nikolaos, built in the 17th century, with a marvellous wooden carved temple and old icons.

The picturesque mountain town of Karya is known for its traditional character, due to the well preserved architectural style of its houses and the living traditions and local customs.

On the picturesque little island called Meganissi, are the sea cave of Papanikolis, where the Greek submarine “Papanikolis” escaped during the World War II, as well as the enchanting cave of Demonas.

Other areas of the island with points of interest and monuments are: Ligia, Nikiana, Poros, Agios Petros, Syvros and the small islands Madouri, Kalamos and Kastos.

Lefkada is famous for its coastline with excellent sandy beaches and the dark blue crystal clear water. Many beaches of the island have won the blue flag quality award. Among them is the Porto Katsiki beach, which has won the award of best beach in Greece and the famous beaches Kathisma and Egremni.

You can also enjoy the sun, the sea and water sport activities on other beautiful beaches such as Agios Nikitas, Nydri, Pefkoulia, Skala Yalou, Mylos, Agiofyli.

Wander in the narrow slab-paved streets of the town and the traditional settlements of the island. Enjoy nature in all its beauty. Taste the cuisine of Lefkada and buy the beautiful traditional woven items. The idyllic island of Lefkada is waiting to offer you unforgettable experiences.

How to get there

Roadly: Lefkada is the only island that you can approach roadly. A bridge links Lefkada with Akarnania. Interurban buses run daily from Lefkada and also to. The access to the island is easy through northwest Greece via the underwater tunnel of Preveza-Aktio, as well as in the port of Igoumenitsa.

Lefkada is at 170 km distance from Patra, 378 km from Athens and 420 from Thessaloniki.

There are daily time-tables by Ferry Boat from Nydri and Vasiliki, to Meganisi, Ithaca and Kefalonia, while caiques make daily trips to the surrounding islets.

By air: Lefkada is served by the airport of Aktio, which is 18 km far away from the town. There are daily flights from “Eleutherios Venizelos” airport and from the airport of Thessaloniki to the airport of Aktio.

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Lefkada Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Lefkada Municipality
26450 23000
Aktio Airport
26820 28343
Lefkada Hospital
26450 25371-6
Eleftherios Venizelos Airport
210 3530000
Lefkada Police Station
26450 29375
Lefkada Bus Station
26450 92509
Lefkada Tourist Police
26450 29379
Lefkada Taxi
26450 21200, 24600
Lefkada Port Authority
26450 22176
Nydri Taxi
26450 92000
Lefkada Port Authority
26450 92509
Arheological Museum
26450 21635