Samothrace: The “Sacred Island”



The beautiful island of Samothrace, known since antiquity as “Sacred Island”, located in the northeastern Aegean Sea. It belongs to the prefecture of Evros and is 30 nautical miles from Alexandroupoli. The island dominates Mount Saos or Moon (elevation 1,448), which is the highest of all the Aegean islands.

The capital is Chora (Samothrace), which is amphitheatrically built over the ruins of the medieval castle on the slopes of Saos with traditional houses and narrow streets.

Away from secularism and crowds, Samothrace has countless natural beauties, important archaeological finds, streams, dense forests, picturesque pristine beaches and stunning scenery.

Samothrace Map

Samothrace Attractions & Surrounding Area

Arriving in Chora you should visit the Tower, a remnant of sovereignty Gatelouzi, the Church of the Assumption, where the skulls of the five martyrs of the island are located, as well as the folklore museum. The village of Chora is declared like traditional under presidential decree.

Near Chora lie the ruins of Paleopolis and the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, which in antiquity celebrated the Kaveireia Mysteries. There was found in 1863 the famous statue of Victory of Samothrace, which is exhibited in the Louvre Museum in Paris. In the region there is an archaeological museum, that hosts the archaeological findings of the island and a copy of the Victory of Samothrace.

Five kilometers from Chora there is Kamariotissa, the port of the island, with considerable tourist traffic. Large hotels, rooms, restaurants, taverns, cafes and nightclubs are available to the visitor.

The most beautiful natural attraction of the island is the stream of Fonias. At its mouth there is the Fonias Tower, one of the castles of Gatelouzi. The river flows into a lake surrounded by trees, forming impressive waterfalls.

In the northern part of the island, we find Therma, a picturesque village built on the green. Here are sulfur springs, known from the Byzantine era for their healing properties. Visit the three traditional ladomylous at the village Lakomma, the wind farm with the wind turbines and the small lagoon of St. Andrew and the region Gria Vathra with unique natural beauty, as the crystal waters of Fonias river are forming amazing waterfalls in a lush landscape.

On the island there are many picturesque traditional villages, with old houses exquisite architecture and abundant water to flow into the rich vegetation. Visit the Prophet Ilias, Alonia, the Makrylia in Xiropotamos, Ano and Kato Kariotes, and enjoy the majestic beauty of the landscape.

A special feature of the island is wild natural beauty. The forested mountains, rich flora and fauna, the gurgling waters, the impressive waterfalls and springs, shady trees that reach the sea and deserted beaches with caves where they find refuge seals, compose a mystifying, of infinite beauty scenery.

The peaks of Mount Saos attract climbers and nature lovers in general, will be fascinated by the wild beauty of the landscape. Apart from the dense vegetation of olive trees, oaks and chestnut trees, the island refuge among other, migratory birds, the Mediterranean seal monachus – monachus and wild goats creating a rich ecosystem.

Samothrace will also find many beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sun and sea. Such are: Pahia Ammos, the most beautiful beach of the island, with a lovely huge beach, the beautiful sandy beach of the bush, and the rocky Garden Beach, accessed by boat from Therma or Kamariotissa.

The wild, mountainous and wooded Samothrace, with its idyllic landscapes, important archaeological sites, traditional villages and sandy beaches, invites you to escape here and live unique experiences.

How to get there

By boat: There are daily ferries from Alexandroupolis to Samothrace. There is also a link to and from Kavala with frequent itineraries that continue to other islands of the northern Aegean. (Limnos etc.)

Samothrace Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Samothrace Health Center
25510 41217
Samothrace Police Station
25510 41203