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Die Welt: Santorini and Rhodes in the most popular travel destinations

Die Welt: Santorini and Rhodes in the most popular travel destinations

The German press brings Greek tourism back to the forefront.

The online edition of “Die Welt” focuses on the global ranking of the most popular travel destinations for TripAdvisor users in 2022

These include two well-known Greek islands, Rhodes and Santorini.

Rhodes is in 3rd place and Santorini in 10th
Rhodes appears at No. 3 of preferences, as, as the German newspaper emphasizes, “offers the perfect combination for those who want to feel the summer on the beach, the feeling of ancient Greece on the Acropolis of Lindos and the aura of the crusaders in its old town Rhodes, or, at least, they want to enjoy nature with a visit to the enchanting Valley of the Butterflies, in the northeast of the island”.

Santorini appears at No. 10 of the selections. “One of the most famous islands of the Cyclades, which unfortunately is now overpopulated by influencers and newly wealthy visitors to luxury hotels,” the German newspaper reports.

“A volcanic island, which owes its natural beauty to its reputation as a dream travel destination. The rocky landscape is broken by characteristic white cube-shaped houses in the two largest settlements, Fira and Oia, with their colorful roofs. They seem to hover on steep slopes above the underwater crater (of the volcano) “.

Top 2022 for TripAdvisor users is Mallorca, Spain, while the top 20 includes internationally renowned tourist destinations such as Dubrovnik, Cairo, Hawaii and Aruba.

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