Evrytania, Zentralgriechenland


Ευρυτανία, Κεντρική Ελλάδα

Seat of the prefecture: Karpenisi
Main areas are: Karpenisi, Megalo Chorio, Mikro Chorio, Korysxades, Voutiro, Agios Nikolaos, Miriki, Fidakia etc.

The prefecture of Evrytania is one of the 7 prefectures of the region of Sterea Ellada. It is the most mountainous prefecture of Greece and it borders to the prefectures of Aetoloacarnania, Karditsa and Fthiotida.

A large part of the prefecture of Evrytania is covered by fir forests, and, due to its rugged nature, the area has many landscapes of unique beauty. It is an ideal destination for nature and outdoors sports lovers, as well as for visitors looking for a quiet vacation destination, especially suitable for relaxing in a natural environment and enjoying the fresh mountain air. The verdant green slopes in the summer and the white, alpine landscape during the winter compose a scenery of enchanting beauty. The interest of the visitors attract the traditional town of Karpenisi, the Velouchi Ski Centre, the Kremaston artificial lake and the mountainous area of Agrapha.

Evrytania Map

Evrytania Attractions

The town of Karpenisi, seat of the prefecture, is built on the slopes of Tymfristos Mountain, at an altitude of 960m. In a setting composed of mountains covered by forests of fir, pine and chestnut trees, it is one of the nicest and most picturesque Greek towns. The sights of the town include the church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) with a rich collection of Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons, and the location Kefalovrysso, in a setting with many platan trees, running waters and a tourist pavilion. Here also stands the statue of the hero of Greek Revolution of 1821, Markos Botsaris. The tourist infrastructure of the area includes hotels, traditional guesthouses and rooms for rent, as well as café’s, taverns, restaurants and bars for your entertainment.

The surrounding area offers many and interesting choices for alternative tourism, with activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, archery, mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, horseback riding etc. There are exciting routes taking you to the beautiful, picturesque villages of Evrytania, which can be travelled by 4×4 vehicles, mountain bikes and they are also ideal for hiking.

Close to the town of Karpenisi, in a range of a few kilometres, visitors can discover picturesque little villages and unspoiled, verdant green areas. Some of the beautiful villages in the area are: Agios Nikolaos, Myriki, Koryshades, Voutyro, Agios Andreas etc.

Agios Nikolaos is a magnificent village of Evrytania, located at 9km from Karpenisi. Agios Nikolaos is famous for its chestnuts and its delicious bean s. At the square there is the old church of Agios Nikolaos built in 1887. At the around area there are also the country church of Agia Paraskevi and the spots Platanias, Krania and Palialona.

Myriki, It is a small village situated between fir trees, just 9 kilometers away from Karpenisi. At the center of the village there is the church of Saint Georgios and on the top of the village you will find the picturesque church of Prophet Εlias with a traditional fountain.

Koryschades is a lovely, traditional village with old mansions, situated between fir trees, in an altitude of 960m. and 6 kilometers away from Karpenisi. At Koryschades the guest can visit the old mansions, the church of Saint Athanasios and the stone school which is used as a Museum. From Koryschades there are worth seeing, short destinations like Koumasia area where the Monastery of Panagia (Virgin Mary) is located, the gorge Pantavrechi, Kokkalia, the chestnut forest of Ai-Nikolas, the lake of Kremasta and Agrafa.

Voutyro is a nice settlement with great view, built on a slope and located 9 kilometers away from Karpenisi. There you will find the elder stone church of the prefecture, Saint Paraskevi. At the village there are hostels and small taverns.

Saint Andreas is located 8 kilometers away from Karpenissi. There you will find many natural sights like Astrapovrisi and Neraki. It is the birthplace of the hero of the Greek Revolution of 1821 Athanasios Karpenisiotis.

The resort area of Proussos is located at an elevation of 860m, among tall mountain peaks, at a distance 42m from Karpenisi. The famous monastery of Panagia Proussiotissa (devoted to Virgin Mary) is built on a steep rock and it has a library with old manuscripts, books and other valuable relics, as well as a little museum with personal objects of Georgios Karaiskakis, the famous fighter of the Greek Revolution of 1821. On the top of the mountains around the monastery still exist the two towers, called „karaoulia“ of Karaiskakis, the Hero of the Greek Revolution of 1821 who stayed in the monastery for a long time when he was ill. The monastery also operates a large guesthouse where overnight accommodation is offered to visitors.

Do not omit to visit the library of the village housing 350 volumes of books from Leipzig and Berlin, the first school founded by Saint Kosmas Etolos, now in ruins, the Katsabio High school, as well as the gorge of Mavri Spilia (meaning „black cave“). The area is famous for its meat products, sausages and delicatessen. So, don’t miss the opportunity to buy tasty local sausages and the famous „prosciutto„, and make sure you try these traditional treats in one of the many small taverns of the village.

The mountain range of Agrafa, with the deep gorges, the rushing streams and rivers, the dense forests, the stone-built bridges, the picturesque villages and the enchanting view, is an area of unique beauty.

Only at a distance of 11km from Karpenisi, at an elevation of 1800m, has been developed the organized ski centre of Velouchi, one of the largest in Greece. An ideal place for lovers of winter sports, it has modern facilities and offers its visitors high standards of service.

Another important pole of attraction in the area is the artificial lake of Kremasta, where a large range of outdoor activities is offered. This lake collects the water of the rivers Acheloos, Agraphiotis and Tavropos. The lake waters feed the largest Hydroelectric Power Station of Greece, while on the bottom of the lake still can be seen the flooded church of Episkopi, that used to be one of the most important churches of the area.

The unspoiled nature, the rugged beauty of the landscape, the rushing rivers, the majestic gorges, the archaeological sites, the historical monasteries, the traditional settlements, the fine tourist infrastructure, the interesting choices for winter and alternative tourism and the warm hospitality of its people, make Evrytania an attractive vacation destination for all year round. You just need to come and see for yourselves.

How to get there

By bus: There is frequent daily service with KTEL busses to and from Athens, Lamia, and Agrinio to Karpenissi.

By car: You can get to Karpenissi by car:

The distance from Athens is 293km.
The distance from Thessalonica is 410km.
The distance from Patras is 204km.
The distance from Lamia is 78km.
The distance from Igoumenitsa is 370km.
The distance from Agrinio is 115km.

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Evrytania Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Evrytania Prefecture
22370 80208-9
Karpenisi Municipal Company of Culture
22370 21227
Karpenisi Municipality
Old People Club
22370 21017
Karpenisi Hospital
22370 50100, 80680
Prousiotissa Monastery
22370 91226
Αστυνομία Καρπενησίου
22370 25100, 89150
Tatarna Monastery
22370 95400
Karpenisi Police Station
22370 80013
Osia Maria Monastery (Mikro Chorio)
22370 41322
Athens Bus Station
210 8315991
Ethnikis Antistasis Museum (Korysxades)
22370 22309
TAXI Station
22370 23300,22
Viniani Historical Museum
22370 31888
Karpenisi Fire Brigade
22370 22199
Agia Triada Folklore Mueseum
22370 96208
Karpenisi Ski Center
22370 23506, 22002
Karpenisi National swimming pool
22370 25110
Karpenisi Athletic Cente
22370 21012-14
Karpenisi National Gym
22370 23353
Karpenisi Tourist Office
22370 21014