Finikounda, Peloponnes


Φοινικούντα, Μεσσηνία

Finikounda is a coastal village of Messinia, which has developed into one of the most beautiful summer resorts of the southern Peloponnese. It belongs administratively to the municipality of Methoni and has a population of approximately 700 residents. It is located on almost halfway between Methoni and Koroni and 70 km from the capital of the prefecture, Kalamata.

The village is built in a cove bay, just across the complex of Oinousses that is composed of Sapienza, Schiza and Agia Mariana islands.

The name „Finikounda“ is considered to be possibly due to the Phoenicians, who as naval people landed on the coast of Peloponnese and founded Finikounda at the present place Anemomylos (Windmill). During the EH period was mainly shipping hub, and sometimes formed the base of pirates.

Finikounda Map

The original name of the village was „Taverna„, a name taken from the fishermen who arrived there to rest and enjoy good wine in the village taverns. Pausanias in his project, report it as a port, named „Finikous Limin ‚. The official name of the village was established in 1930.

Finikounda is now one of the major tourist resorts of Messinia, combining harmonically mountain and sea. The attention of the visitors mainly attract the stunning sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. Also, the picturesque landscape and the excellent tourist infrastructure have made Finikounda a popular summer destination.

From Finikounda you can make interesting excursions to the surrounding areas. Visit traditional Methoni with the magnificent castle and scenic Koroni.

In Finikounda you will find a variety of beautiful beaches for every taste. Here you will find extensive sandy beaches and pebble beaches, cosmopolitan and isolated and quiet, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sun, sea and do water sports, living moments of relaxation and enjoyment.

Finikounda has developed in recent years an excellent tourist infrastructure. Here you will find a wide range of hotels and apartments for every taste where you can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay. The village also has three camping sites, which attract many visitors.

In Finikounda there are several restaurants and traditional taverns where you can enjoy, among other, fresh fish and delicious dishes of the Messinian kitchen. Here there are also many cafes to enjoy a coffee and many tourist shops to explore.

Finikounda with its unique beaches with crystal clear waters and the endless natural beauty and excellent infrastructure, is undoubtedly a magical place, which promises to offer unique experiences to those who visit it.

Regional Flavours & Products
In Finikounda and throughout Messinia you will find a rich traditional cuisine and lots of fresh local products. The main agricultural products produced in Messinia are olives, grapes, raisins, figs, citrus and vegetables.

Some of the local cuisine distinct flavors are the salted, the goat stew, the fried cod with the garlic sauce, roast pork, and the unique for their taste and quality, smoked sausages with sage.

Try also wonderful diples, lalagia and ladokouloura (rolls with olive oil). Do not forget to buy the famous Kalamata olives, honey, that is of excellent quality, pastels, ouzo, balsamic vinegar, trachana, noodles and herbs .

Cultural events
Many cultural events are organized in Finikounda throughout the year.

On July 11 is celebrated with pomp the Tricherousa Virgin, patron saint of Finikounda.

Finikounda Attractions

Oinousses Complex: A visit to the Messinian Oinousses is a special experience. It is a wonderful complex of three small picturesque islands – Sapienza, Schiza and Agia Marina. The islands are known for the rare natural environment and their exotic beauty. Through the lush vegetation are accommodated wild birds and animals such wild partridge, pheasants and kri kri.

Sapienza is the most beautiful island of the group. You have access to this island only if you have your own boat, as there are no services. In the northern part of the island, just across from Methoni, there is a lovely sandy beach, Ammos. The island is an important habitat and has been included in the program NATURA 2000. Sapienza has a safe harbor, Porto Longos, and it is ideal for excursions. Here you will find an impressive lighthouse, which can be reached by climbing 75 stone steps. The stunning views of the island and the surrounding area will really enchant you. At the northern end of Sapienza, at „Karsi“ cape there are important shipwrecks findings where diving enthusiasts will live unique experiences.

Schiza is the largest island of Oinousses. It is worth visiting the magnificent cave, which presents archaeological, geological and tourist interest. It is adorned with magnificent stalactites and stalagmites and also have been identified shells from prehistoric times.

The small island of Agia Marina, characterized by dense shrub vegetation, got its name from the picturesque church lying there, celebrated on July 17.

Finikounda Beaches

Finikounda Surrounding Area„] Finikounda Beach: It is a vast beach with crystal clear water that attracts many visitors. Above the beach you will find a variety of cafes and restaurants.

Mavrovouni Beach: Next to Finikounda there is a lovely sandy beach, bearing the name Mavrovouni, and attracts many visitors. The beach is vast and organized. Here you can swim in blue crystal clear waters, sunbathe and indulge in water sports. Above the beach there are schools for water sports, camping, taverns and cafes.

Lampes Beach: On the road from Finikounda to Methoni we find two wonderful beaches. The first is  Lampes Finikis Beach. It is a lively beach, covered with sand and crystal clear waters. The second is the Lampes Methoni which is paved with pebbles. It is a secluded beach, which is ideal for those who prefer to enjoy a swim quietly.

Loutsa-Tsapi Beaches: After Finikounda there are two beautiful sandy beaches, Loutsa and Tsapi, where it is worth swimming  in their clear waters.

Surrounding Areas

Methoni: On the southwestern tip of Messinia and just 61 km from the city of Kalamata you wiil find Methoni. Methoni is a beautiful seaside town with unique sights. During the summer months it attracts many visitors, and it is appropriate for quiet family holidays.

According to Pausanias, the first name of the city was Pidasos. Homer mentions it as one of the seven cities that Agamemnon had promised to Achilles during the Trojan War.

Koroni: It is a graphic coastal town of Messinia, built amphitheatrically on a low hill. It lists about 2.000 residents and it is 52 km from the city of Kalamata.

According to an ancient tradition, Koroni got its name from the copper coin Kourouna, which was found in the area during excavations. Koroni is identified with Homeric Epia, one of the cities that Agamemnon promised to Achilles during the Trojan War.

How to get there

 Finikounda is 70km from Kalamata.

From Athens you can reach Finikounda if you follow the National Road Athens-Corinth-Tripoli, and then follow the route Tripoli-Megalopoli-Kalamata. Once you reach Kalamata, follow the signs to Finikounda. The distance is 312 km.

From Patras you can reach Finikounda if you follow the National Road Patras-Corinth-Tripoli, and then follow the route Tripoli-Megalopoli-Kalamata. Once you reach Kalamata, follow the signs to Finikounda. The distance is 358 km.

There are aily bus itineraries from Athens, Patras and Thessaloniki to Kalamata. There are also regular train connections from Athens and Patras to Kalamata. Kalamata can be reached by air from Athens El. Venizelos airport. Also, the county is connected with Kythira and Kissamos. 

Finikounda Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Municipality Methoni
27230 31255, 27233 60100
Taxi Methoni
27230 31333
Community Clinic Methoni
27230 31456
Bus Station Koroni
27250 27210, 28581,  22851
Police Station Methoni
27230 31203
Railway Station Kalamata
27210 95056
Κ.Ε.Π. Μεθώνης
27230 28743
Bus Station Kalamata
27210 23147
Fortress Methoni
27230 22010, 27210 22534
Port Authority Kalamata
27210 22218
Post Office Methoni
27230 31266
Community Clinic Finikounda
27230 71127

Finikounda Photos