Kyparissia, Peloponnes


Κυπαρισσία, Μεσσηνία

Kyparissia is a beautiful seaside town, located in the western part of the prefecture of Messinia. Subordinated in the homonymous municipality, it is located 65 km from the capital of the prefecture, Kalamata, and lists about 5.000 inhabitants. Kyparissia is a modern city and an agricultural and commercial center of the province Trifylia.

With a developed tourist infrastructure, interesting sights and wonderful beaches, attracts many tourists especially during the summer months.

Kyparissia was inhabited since prehistoric times. In the Middle Ages, the name was Arcadia, while its current name is due to King Otto. In Kyparissia were found tombs placed in Classical and Roman times, while on top of a small hill dominates a Venetian castle.

Map Kyparissia

Kyparissia is built at the foot of Mount Psychro, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. It is divided in the Old (Upper) City, which is a landmark settlement, and the New (Lower) City, with excellent layout.

Kyparissia offering numerous of interesting sights, attracts the attention of visitors. Endless olive groves, turquoise waters, magnificent castles, historical monuments and places of inexhaustible natural beauty compose a unique scene that charms every visitor. On sandy beaches of Kyparissia finds refuge the Caretta-Caretta turtle. In Kyparissia you can walk through the picturesque traditional streets and enjoy fiery sunsets. You can also make excursions to the surrounding areas, to admire unique attractions and visit important archaeological sites.

Kyparissia has among others a variety of beautiful beaches to suit all tastes. Here you will find sandy beaches and pebble beaches, cosmopolitan and isolated and quiet. Kyparissia you can enjoy the sun and sea in the clear turquoise waters of the Gulf of Kyparissia and indulge in water sports, living moments of enjoyment and relaxation. It is worth visiting the Saint-bunny beach, which has been awarded the Blue Flag.

In recent years the tourist infrastructure in Kyparissia has experienced particular growth. Here you will find a wide range of hotels and apartments for every taste, that they will offer a pleasant and comfortable stay. There are also numerous restaurants and taverns, where you will have the opportunity to taste among others the delicious dishes of the local traditional cuisine, such as corned kagiana and pork. Kyparissia also has a vibrant nightlife. You can enjoy a drink at the various bars or even party until dawn in the clubs of the area.

Kyparissia with the imposing castles, the rich olive groves, the golden indented coastline, the stunning beaches, the picturesque alleys and the excellent infrastructure invites you to experience an unforgettable summer vacation.

Regional Flavours & Products
In Kyparissia and throughout Messinia you will find a rich traditional cuisine and lots of fresh local products. The main agricultural products produced in Messinia are olives, grapes, raisins, figs, citrus and vegetables.

Some of the local cuisine distinct flavors are the salted, the goat stew, the fried cod with the garlic sauce, roast pork, and the unique for their taste and quality, smoked sausages with sage.

Try also wonderful diples, lalagia and ladokouloura (rolls with olive oil). Do not forget to buy the famous Kalamata olives, honey, that is of excellent quality, pastels, ouzo, balsamic vinegar, trachana, noodles and herbs .

Cultural events
Many cultural events are organized in Kyparissia throughout the year.

– In late April it is organized a race of 4km (the round Kyparissia).
– In early May it is organized in Kyparissia a cycling race of 10km.
– Festival on May 3rd,  day of celebration of St. Mavros in the district Spilia.
– Celebration of the Holy Trinity in Kyparissia (Upper Town), the Whit Monday.
– Feast in Kyparissia on the 23rd-24th of June to celebrate St. John the Baptist.
– Feast of okra in the district Armeni, where it is offered okra cooked with chicken.
– Sports events in Kyparissia on August 15th.
– On September 14th, day of celebration of the Holy Cross,  it is organized a 7-day fair ground in Kyparissia.

Kyparissia Attractions

The Castle of Arcadia: In Kyparissia, above the traditional settlement of the Old Town, dominated by the imposing castle of Arcadia, which is the jewel of the city. Because of its location, visitors can enjoy an enchanting view of the surrounding area. According to scholars, the castle is a Frankish building. However, in the course of history, the castle passed into the hands of various people. The castle was rebuilt by the Franks, was disproved by the Byzantines and later expanded by the Turks and the Venetians. Around 1830, after the Battle of Navarino, the castle passed into the hands of the Greeks. Today, in the castle, except the fortress, is preserved the tower of Justinian on the east side, the battlements, the cannon in the castle’s balcony, the arch, the hatch … Around 1970, at the interior of the castle was built an outdoor theater, which has hosted many cultural events.

The Archaeological Site of  Peristeria: It is located 8 km northeast of the city of Kyparissia. It is one of the most important premycenaean culture centers, and rightfully described as the „West Peloponnese Mycenae.“ The excavations that began in 1960, brought to light three vaulted tombs. Inside the tombs were found many golden cups, jewelry and great vessels, which are dated to the 16th-15th century BC. These findings are now exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Chora.

Dexameni: At the highest point of Kyparissia is Dexameni, which supplies with water the most of the city. This tank is very old, and was built during the Turkish occupation. In the area of ​​the tank stands the monument of Arcadiane Mother, dedicated to all the mothers of Arcadia who were sacrificed to save the homeland. The visitor will be rewarded by the spectacular views of the plains of Trifylia, and there you will enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

The Gorge with the Stalactites: 8 Km northeast of Kyparissia is the magnificent Gorge with the Stalactites. An attraction that the nature lovers  and those who adore hiking will love. The path leading to the gorge begins from the north side of the Archaeological Site of Peristeria. After walking for about 30 minutes,  through bushes and tall trees, the trail ends at the Gorge with the Stalactites. The scene compose flowing crystal clear waters and old trees.

The Folklore Museum: It is located in the Upper Town of Kyparissia and housed in the restored building of the County, where he lived as prefect Christakis Palamas, brother of the national poet Kostis Palamas. The museum hosts interesting exhibits highlighting the traditional and spiritual heritage.

Churches: In Kyparissia and the surrounding area there are many churches and chapels. It is worth visiting the magnificent temple of Ag. Athanasios and Agia Triada, located in the upper town of Kyparissia and celebrates the Spirit, the official holiday for the city. The monastery Nativity Mary enjoys an idyllic location amidst various species of trees. The place provides serenity and tranquility to the visitor, and the view is breathtaking. There are kept historical findings, which the visitor can admire. Visit the chapel of Prophet Elias mountain above Stasio, and enjoy the great view. The chapel celebrates on July 20th, while on the previous day, residents and visitors of the municipality climb and camp in the area around the chapel.

Surrounding Area

You can see and visit many nearby destinations, which are only a few kilometers from Kyparissia. Some of these are the Kalo Nero, Memi, the Terpsithea etc.

Kalo Nero: The beautiful village of Kalo Nero is a coastal village near Neda in southwestern Peloponnese. Kalo Nero is a very green region  and has a wonderful sandy beach that stretches to the river of Kyparissia. It is located 5km north of Kyparissia and it is one of the most important places in Greece that the sea turtles Caretta-Caretta choose to lay their eggs.

In Kalo Nero you will find many tourist facilities such as hotels, apartments and tavernas or restaurants that will satisfy all your needs.


Ai Lagoudis Beach: It is a lovely sandy beach in Kyparissia with turquoise waters. It is awarded with the Blue Flag. It is organized with sun beds, while above the beach there are cafes and restaurants.

Kalo Nero Beach: It is located just 7 km from Kyparissia. This is a vast sandy beach, where you can enjoy the sun,  the sea and indulge in water sports. Above the beach there are cafes and taverns serving fresh fish.

Giannitsaina Beach: Just 2 km south of the town of Kyparissia there is the amazing Giannitsaina beach. It consists of sand and pebbles and has crystal clear waters.

Kartelas Beach: 3 km north of Kyparissia is the vast beach Kartelas that is consisting of sand and pebbles. It is organized with sunbeds and there also operates a canteen.

Sani Beach: 5 km north of Kyparissia is the magnificent Sani Beach. It is an extensive beach, about 800m long., with fine sand and sunbeds. The beach has also a canteen and a restaurant.

Sergiani Beach: 6 km north of the city of Kyparissia you wiil find Sergiani beach. The beach consists of fine sand and pebbles and the water is shallow. On the beach there is acanteen.

Terpsithea Beach: Ideal for those who want to enjoy a quiet swim, Terpsithea beach consists of pebble and it is located 6 km. south of Kyparissia.

How to get there

Kyparissia is 65 km from Kalamata.

From Athens you can reach Kyparissia if you follow the National Road Athens-Corinth-Tripoli, and then follow the route Tripoli – Megalopoli – Kyparissia. The distance is 248 km.

From Patras you can reach Kyparissia if you follow the National Road Patras-Pyrgos, and then follow the route Pyrgos-Kyparissia. The distance is 157 km.

Daily bus itineraries from Athens, Patras and Thessaloniki to Kalamata. There are also regular train connections from Athens and Patras to Kalamata.

Kalamata can be reached by air from Athens El. Venizelos airport. Also, the county is connected with Kythira and Kissamos.

Kyparissia Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Kyparissia Municipality
27613 60700
Bus Station Athens
210 5233810, 210 5134293
Kyparissia Hospital
27610 24051
Railway Station (OSE) Kyparissia
27610 22283
Police Station Kyparissia
27610 62000
Railway Station (OSE) Athens
210 5131601
Traffic Police Kyparissia
27610 62005
Taxi Kyparissia
27610 22666
Port Authority Kyparissia
27610 22128
Post Office Kyparissia
27610 22249
Bus Station Kyparissia
27610 22260
Forest Authority Kyparissia
27610 22400

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