Loutraki, Peloponnes


Loutraki is a popular resort in the prefecture of Corinth, famous for its natural mineral springs and thermal waters and for the one of the most luxurius Casino Resorts in Europe. Stretching in the coastline of the Corinthian Gulf it is 4 km from Corinth, 84 km from Athens and belongs to the municipality Loutraki – Perachora – Agioi Theodoroi. Above the town stand the Gerania Mountains.

In ancient times in place of Loutraki was the ancient Thermes or Thermae, famous for its thermal springs. Thermia Artemida was its protector. The first written reference to Loutraki water was in «Hellenica» of the Athenian historian Xenophon (431-351 BC).

The area is also known by the name Perea (beyond Corinth) and he current name „Loutraki“ comes from the hot springs – baths.

Loutraki played an important role in the development of the Revolution of 1821, with most known the victorious battle of Dramalis (25-27 September 1822).

Loutraki Map

„The Water of Life“ as it was described by the ancient times, the natural spring water running from the springs of Loutraki, promote wellness and rejuvenation of the body highlighting Loutraki as a world-renowned spa. Today, guests can enjoy treatments in a luxurious and modern environment in Loutraki Thermal Spa.

Loutraki operated the first Greek casino in 1930. The current casino, the Club Hotel Casino Loutraki was founded in 1995 with the aim of creating a complete experience of recreation, amusement & entertainment to visitors. It offers a luxurious gaming room and two separate rooms for VIP customers, the VIP room and the VVIP-Tholos. In 2002 it integrated in its operation a luxury hotel with 255 rooms, 18 suites, 2 maisonettes and a modern multipurpose Conference Centre of 1.000 square meters, equipped with audiovisual means of latest tecnology, able to accommodate up to 1.500 delegates.

The sports facilities of the municipality together with the mild Mediterranean climate of the area and the good tourist infrastructure contribute to the conduct of major national and international sporting events such as the Rally Acropolis, the international tournament of Veteran Volleyball etc.

You can drink your coffee next to the artificial waterfalls – work of the municipality- with sea views. In Loutraki for over 60 years an open-air cinema in a beautiful location, the cinema“Elektra“.

Throughout the year various events like the Carnival of Loutraki, the Water Festival, the Heraea, the Thodeia, concert in Ireon archaeological site, celebration of Our Lady Giatrissa etc.

The modern spa facilities, the luxurious casino, the high quality conference centers, the unique combination of mountain – sea, the superior choices of accommodation, catering and entertainment, the proximity to interesting archaeological-religious monuments and natural sites as well as the sports infrastructure, make Loutraki an ideal tourist destination!

Attractions & Surrounding Area

The Mount Gerania area belongs to the program Natura 2000, the European network for the conservation and protection of natural heritage. There is the historic monastery of Saint Patapios, dating from the 11th century. It has spectacular views of the northern Peloponnese, the Isthmus of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf. In the monastery are kept the holy relics of Saint Patapios. At the entrance to the monastery you will see the Church of the Assumption.

Visit the cosmopolitan beach of Loutraki which is awarded „Blue Flag“ from 1987. It has a shower for bathers, surveillance by lifeguards and access for people with mobility problems. Relax and enjoy the sunset.

Do not forget to visit Vouliagmeni Lake and Heraion in the wider area of Loutraki-Perachora, just 14 km west of Loutraki. It is one of the most beautiful natural lagoon of the country. Swim in the beautiful waters and enjoy fresh fish in the taverns located along it.

Just 12 km from Loutraki you will find the village of Perachora with the remarkable archaeological site of Heraion that includes the ancient settlement of the temples of Hera Akraia (9th c. BC) and Hera Limenia (8th c. BC). There stands the stone-built lighthouse in place Melagavi or Iraion, the guide of the ships sailing in the Gulf of Corinth. The view and the sunset will fascinate you.

Very close there are the ruins of the ancient Keghrees, which was the second port of Ancient Corinth. The extensive excavations that have been carried out have revealed a series of paintings which are kept in the Archaeological Museum of Isthmia, Temple of Aphrodite, Isis, and early Christian churches.

Located 21 km from Loutraki lies the picturesque coastal town of Agioi Theodoroi. Enjoy moments of relaxation swimming at the popular beaches of Agioi Theodoroi and Pefkakia. In the area the archaeologists discovered important findings such as the remains of ancient Agii Theodoroiand the statue of the god Apollo.

From Loutraki or Stravon Bay you can go to Alkyonides, a cluster of four islands (Zoodochos Pigi, Daskalio, Glaronisi, Prasonisi) with excellent beaches and pure waters.

How to get there

By car: From Athens, the distance is about 1 hour through the National Road Athens-Corinth (E-75). From Patras, Loutraki is about 2 ½ hours through the National Road Patras – Corinth.

By plane: The international Airport „El. Venizelos“ is located 80 km which is about 1 hour from Loutraki.

By bus: Daily there are often local and intercity routes.

Ferry: Loutraki is surrounded is by three international ports in nearby cities- Piraeus, Patras and Corinth.

By train: Using the suburban train from Athens. 

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