Serres, Griechenland


Σέρρες, Μακεδονία

Seat of the prefecture: Serres
The main areas of the prefecture are: Amfipoli, Vyronia, Nigrita, Serres, Sidirokastro.

The prefecture of Serres is one of the 13 prefectures of Macedonia. It borders with Bulgaria and FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) to the north, with the prefectures of Drama and Kavala to the east, with the prefectures of Kilkis and Thessalonica to the west. The south boundary of the prefecture is with the Orphanos (Strymonikos) Gulf. The prefecture has the highest number of villages, among the prefectures of Greece.

Serres Map

The prefecture has a great potential for tourist development, due to its unique natural beauty, the important archaeological sites, the interesting options for winter and alternative tourism it offers and, especially, due to the well known for their therapeutic properties medicinal springs of Nigrita and Sidirokastro.

Serres Attractions

The city of Serres, seat of the prefecture, is the financial, agricultural and financial hub of the entire prefecture. It is a modern city with many points of interest.

On the pine-tree hill of Koulas, you can visit the ruins of the ancient acropolis, as well as the Byzantine fortress. From there you can enjoy an enchanting panoramic view of the city. The road to the acropolis crosses the valley of Agii Anargyri, which is a virtual „lung“ for the city. Thanks to its lush green vegetation and the abundant running waters, the valley is an idyllic area, ideal for walking and jogging.

In the city there are quite a few churches decorated by marvellous murals and mosaics. You should visit the old metropolitan church of Agii Theodori (St. Theodores), the church of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicolas), built in the 14th century, and the picturesque little church of Agios Georgios (St. George) „Kryoneritis“ with old icons.

You can also see many monuments from the Turkish period, such as the building Bezesteni of excellent architectural style, built in the 15th century, which in the modern years houses the Archaeological Museum of the city, as well as the Ahmet Aga Mosque.

Besides the archaeological collection in Bezesteni, in Serres you can find other museums with important exhibits. Some of them are: the Ecclesiastical Museum, the Folk and War Museum, the Folk Museum of Lyceum Club of Greek Women etc.

An archaeological site of great importance is that of Amfipoli with its characteristic marble lion. The digs in the area of the ancient town unearthed parts of the fortification walls, various types of graves, temples, private houses, the Gymnasium, etc.

In Gazoro you can visit the pine-tree covered area of Agios Athanasios, the ruins of a prehistoric settlement and acropolis, and the nun-monastery of Agia Paraskevi, founded in 1874.

The beautiful town of Sidirokastro is built on the banks of the Kroussovitis River. In this area, it is worth visiting the bridges of the river, the wind farm, the natural waterfalls in the valley of Zesta Nera (= warm waters), the church of Agios Dimitrios (St. Demetrius) carved in a natural rock, and the monastery of Panagia „Goumera“.

In the town of Nigrita with the medicinal springs, you should visit, among other sites, the church of Agios Georgios (St. George), and the Gerakina-well in the town-centre.

The prefecture of Serres is endowed with a rich natural environment, with many sites of natural beauty. The Cave of Alistrati, one of the largest and most beautiful in Greece, fascinates every visitor with its impressive interior decor of stalactites and stalagmites. In the area also is built the monastery of Agia (St.) Kyriaki and the gorge of the river Agitis, virtually an idyllic paradise on earth.

The lake Kerkini offers a landscape of rare beauty and it is a protected wetland habitat, rich in flora and fauna. Do not omit to visit the Vyronia Aquarium, where various species of fish from the lake and the Strymonas River are on exhibit.

Enjoy the unspoiled nature with a walk in the beautiful forest of Lailia, practice winter-sports in the modern Lailia Ski-Centre in the mountain range of Vrontou, heighten your adrenaline levels with extreme white-water sports, rafting, canoeing – kayaking on the Strymonas River.

Plan your escape to the prefecture of Serres with the abundant natural beauty, the historical monuments, the picturesque churches, the traditional settlements and the hospitable people, and experience unforgettable moments.

How to get there

By bus: There is frequent daily service with KTEL busses to and from Athens and Thessalonica.
By car: You can get to Serres by car:

The distance from Athens is 612 km.
The distance from Thessalonica is 98 km.
The distance from Patras is 581 km.
The distance from Ioannina is 468 km.

By train: Serres has frequent daily train service to and from Athens and Thessalonica.

Serres Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Municipality of Serres
23210 83601
Serres Railway station
23210 59700
Serres Hospital
23210 55700
Athens Railway Station
210 5297777
Serres Police Dept.
23210 90810
Thessalonica Train Station
2310 517517
Serres Traffic Police
23210 24445
Serres Taxi
23210 59100
Serres Bus Depot
23210 22822
Archaeological Museum of Serre
23210 22257
Athens Bus Depot
210 5120212
Folk Museum of Serres
23210 62528
Thessalonica Bus Depot
2310 526582
Lailia Ski Centre
23210 58784