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Sifnos is located in the Western Cyclades with the nearest islands being Serifos, Kimolos, Milos and Paros. Its extent is 74 sq. km, its outline is 28 miles and its distance from Piraeus is 75 miles. The highest mountain of Sifnos, Profit Ilias, also known by the song with the same name, is 680m. above sea level.

The enormous fame of Sifnos is due to its natural beauty, its hospitality, the traditional settlements, the graphical churches and the wonderful beaches makes it an ideal vacation place. Outstanding representatives of the Sifnian literature “school” are Titos Patrikios, Ioannis Gryparis, Aristomenis Provelengios, Manolis Korres and many others.

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Sifnos Attractions & Surrounding Area

Apollonia, whose name is also “Stavri” , is the capital of the island. It is built amphitheatrically on three hills and it is the commercial center of the island. It is owes its name to the god Apollon. Its worth to visit the churches of Timios Stavros, of Metamorfosis Sotiros, of Agios Sostis with the marvelous frescoes, Panagia Geraniofora and the Folklore Museum. Kamares, the largest coastal village and port, consists of the central settlement and the quarter Agia Marina, which are connected with a wonderful sandy beach, ideal for swimming. Here you can enjoy a magic sunset. Its worth to visit the monasteries of Agios Simeon and Profit Ilias, the traditional pottery workshops, the church of Agios Georgios, the old lighthouse and the ruins from the establishment of the Ore Company.

A pleasant course from Apollonia to Artemonas is through the village Pano Petali. The view from the church of Agios Ioannis is fascinating. Its worth to visit the church of Agios Antipas and the school which Agios Nikolaos founded during the National Revolution period. Artemonas is one and a half km far from Apollonia and owes its name to the goddess Artemis. The place has a unique view and its impress with the neoclassical mansions and the two restored windmills on the hill. Remarkable are the churches Panagia of Koghi, Panagia of Ammos, Panagia of Bali. The poet Ioannis Gryparis was born in Artemonas and also the national contestant and first minister of education of the Greek state, after the liberation, Nikolaos Chrysogelos.

Exambela is situated to the southern of Apollonia. In the village there are neoclassical mansions, old churches, the windmills at “Arades” and the monastery of Panagia Vrysiani. It is the village of the poet Aristomenis Provelegios and of the great cook Nikolaos Tselementes. Katavati is the birthplace of the great philosopher Apostolos Makrakis. Remarkable is the church of Panagia Aggeloktisti. From Katavati, the path from Profit Ilias starts, where every year, on 19 th July visitors can participate in one of the most traditional Sifnian festivals.

Platis Gialos is the most cosmopolitan beach on the island, one of the largest beaches of Cyclades, with an enormous “golden” sandy beach and very clean water. Noteworthy are the ruins of the Aspros Pyrgos, the ancient tower, the ancient cemetery at Akrotiraki and the monastery of Panagia Vounou. At the entrance of the bay is the uninhabited island of Kitriani with the church of Panagia. In the southeast part of the island is situated Faros, a quite picturesque fishing place with three sandy beaches: Fasolou, Faros, and Glyfo. From here is a wonderful view of Panagia Chrisopigi, built on a rocky peninsula separated from the main land by a narrow strip of sea.

In Faros you will find the ruins of the installation of loading ore and the monastery of Stavros.

The village Agios Loukas gets its name in the interior church of the settlement. It is a picturesque village with white houses, paved narrow streets and important churches. It is the village of the ship owner Nikos Vernikos Evgenidis.

Kastro, the “asty” Herodotos, was inhabited up until the prehistoric years. It is built on a rock and offers a panoramic view to the open sea. The today’s settlement is an example of a castle of the Venetian period. Admirable are the churches of Eleousa, Theoskepasti, the church of Koimisi, Agios Nikolaos, the “lodges” which were the entrance to the castle, the old port and the archaeological museum.

Vathi is a coastal village with “blonde” sandy beach and light blue sea. Noteworthy is the churces of Taxiarches and Evaggelistria, the monastery of Firogia, the acropolis of Agios Andreas, the cave at Anemordilli and the Monastery of Merisinis. Cherronisos is located at the northern most point of the island. There are pottery workshops and a small sandy beach. At the highest point above the harbor you will find the monastery of Agios Georgios.

How to get there

By Ferry: There are daily itineraries from Piraeus port to Sifnos. Duration of the trip: 5hours approximately.
By high speed boat: There are also daily departures of High Speed ferries. Duration of the trip: 3hours approximately.
Connection with other islands: Sifnos is connected with Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Tinos, Syros, Folegandros, Io, Santorini and Crete.

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Sifnos Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Sifnos Municipality
22840 31345
Post Office
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Sifnos First Aid
22840 31315
Hellenic Telecommunication Services
22840 33499
Sifnos Police Station
22840 31210
Alpha Bank
22840 33913
Port Station
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National Bank
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Municipal Tourist Office
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Peiraus Bank
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