Sivota: The cosmopolitan resort of Thesprotia


The enchanting town and area of Sivota occupies the southern part of the prefecture of Thesprotia, only 12km from the harbour city of Igoumenitsa. Sivota is basically a beachfront settlement built in a closed bay, with small islands, such as Agios Nikolaos and Mavro Oros marking the entrance of the bay.

Seat of the municipality of Sivota is the town of Plataria. The total population of the municipality is approximately 3,010 residents.

In the historical times, Sivota was the theatre of the sea battle of Corinthians and Thesprotians against the forces of Kerkyra (Corfu). The sea battle took place during the Peloponnesian war in 433 B.C.

During the Turkish occupation, the village used to be called Mourtos, named after the notable who looted the bypassing merchant ships. This name was kept until 1959, when the village took again its ancient name.

Sivota Map

Sivota is an area gifted by nature, located in a verdant green setting, while its clean beaches with crystal clear waters will enchant even the most demanding visitor. It boasts a well-organized tourist infrastructure, as it is a pole of attraction for thousands of tourists every year. Sivota and Plataria, both have marinas capable of giving birth to small vessels.

Many hotels and well-cared-for rental rooms can offer you a worry-free accommodation with all modern amenities. The taverns and the restaurants in the area will take care of all your culinary requirements, while the little bars, cafés and clubs will make your night out unforgettable.

Sivota Attractions & Surrounding Area

In Sivota you can visit the two verdant green islands, Agios Nikolaos and Mavro Oros, which occupy a large part of the entrance of the bay. Access is possible with small boats.

On the island Mavro Oros, a lighthouse was built on 1884 by the French company of Ottoman Lighthouses. The height of the lighthouse is 14m. The lighthouse was included in the Greek lighthouse system after 1913.

Southeast of Sivota, on top of a hill, the remnants of the old settlement of Vrachona can be seen. The settlement consists of about 50 ruined houses dating back to the 18th – 19th century. To the west of the settlement one can see the ruins of a prehistoric acropolis.

Only 3km from Plataria is built the small church of Agia Paraskevi, on the same spot where a monastery used to stand during the years of Turkish occupation. Today, in this beautiful location stands the new church of Agia Paraskevi, built in 1960.

In the village Polyneri you can see the castle of Polyneri, surrounded by a fortified wall.

Unreal sandy beaches with crystal clear warm waters. In the area of Syvota you can swim and enjoy moments of tranquillity on many beaches, such as Gallikos, DEI, Zeri, Bella Varka on Mourtemeno Island, Zavia, Mega Ammos, Mikri Ammos, Mega Trafo, Pisina on the island of Agios Nikolaos and Agia Paraskevi.

This landscape of incomparable beauty will be imprinted in your memory from the first moment. The beautiful beaches with clear waters surrounded by rich vegetation and the two verdant green islands in the entrance of the bay compose an idyllic image.

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