Trikala: Where the wonder of nature coexists with tradition


Seat of the prefecture: Trikala
The main areas of the prefecture are: Trikala, Kalambaka, Kastraki, Meteora, Elati, Kastraki.

The prefecture of Trikala is one of the 4 prefectures in Thessaly. It is mainly mountainous, attracting the interest of visitors all year round. The main sources of income in the prefecture is agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and tourism.

The amazing variety of landscape, from the high mountains with dense forests and running waters to the vast green plains, as well as its rich historical past, make the region of Trikala a pole of attraction for a great number of visitors.

The city of Trikala, seat of the prefecture, is one of the most beautiful cities of Greece. A modern city, with natural beauties, good city planning features, wide open squares, parks, pedestrian streets, as well as many monuments. The beautiful and picturesque villages around the city of Trikala are easily accessible thanks to the well developed road network.

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Trikala Attractions

In the city of Trikala there are many and important points of interest. The river Litheos, tributary of Pinios river, crossing the centre of the city creates a unique, enchanting atmosphere along its banks, making them an excellent place for walks. The main pedestrian bridge of the river was constructed in 1886 by French engineers. The bridge opposite to it bears a statue of Asclepius. The little waterfall in front of the statue creates a splendid spectacle, especially at night, when the lighting system along the banks of Litheos river is on.

In the centre of the city one can see the ruins of the ancient Asclepium, one of the most important ancient monuments of the region. Close by is the “Iroon Polytechniou” square, where the tall trees surrounding the pool with the fountain create a wonderful place of relaxation for the visitor.

A characteristic monument is the Fortress of the city, built by the Byzantine emperor Justinian on the site of ancient Acropolis. The clock tower is there, a point with a magnificent view of the city and part of the plain of Thessaly. In the Fortress is also located the open-air theatre of the city.

Below the Fortress still breathes and lives Varoussi, the section of the city which maintains the traditional architectural style since the times of the Turkish occupation. The mansions with the artful architectural styles and the narrow little streets carry the visitor back in time.

In the south part of Trikala one can see the Kursum Mosque, a monument of Oriental architecture, of characteristically large size. A walk to the Prophetes Ilias hill where the Zoo is located, will be unforgettable. In the city of Trikala there are many monuments and churches you can visit.

When you are in the area of Trikala, do not omit to take a short ride to visit the area of Meteora, an out-of-this-world monastic settlement built on huge rocks. The 24 ancient monasteries, 6 of which still operate today, built on the impressive rocks, are considered one of the most important monuments in the world and are protected by UNESCO.
Other areas of the prefecture with points of interest and archaeological sites are: Elati, Zarkos, Kastania, Pertouli. At Pertouli there is a ski center and for the relaxed visitors who want to rest there are numerous taverns and cafeterias.

The prefecture of Trikala, with its countless natural beauties, the points of interest and rich history will surprise you pleasantly and will enchant you.

How to get there

By bus: Intercity buses depart daily from Athens, Thessaloniki and Larisa to Trikala.
By car: In order to go to Trikala by car

The distance from Athens is 331 km
The distance from Thessalonica is 249 km
The distance from Patras is 314 km
By train: There are time-tables from Athens and Thessalonica to Trikala.

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Trikala Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Trikala Municipality
24310 32330
Trikala Bus Station
 24310 73130 –6
Trikala Hospital
24310 23652
Trikala Railway Station
24310 27214
Trikala Police Station
24310 27401
Trikala Taxi
24310 33991- 9, 22111
Trikala Traffic Police
24310 63034