Volos: The modern city with the unique charm



Volos is one of the largest cities of Thessaly and the capital of Magnesia prefecture. A large, dynamic and modern city on the coast of the Pagasitic Gulf shaded by the beautiful Pelion with its picturesque villages. Located almost in the center of Greece, between the capital Athens (distance 325 km) and the second largest city Thessalonica (distance 215 km).

It is situated at the foot of Pelion and it  is built on the site which was the ancient Iolkos, where Jason started with the Argo and his companions for the Argonauts.

The agglomeration of Volos includes the municipalities of Volos, Iolkos, Aisonia and Nea Ionia. The name of Volos appeared around the 14th century. For the origin of the name Volos there are many versions such as to be a corruption of the ancient name Iolkos, or came from Folos name whom according to mythology was a wealthy landowner, or from the Slavic word golo, which means naked-bald, or is a corruption of the Italian word golfo, which means bay.

Volos Map

Volos is a beautiful city with ancient and rich history. Two years after the liberation of Thessaly, in 1883, it was founded the Municipality of Pagasae, which was renamed to the Municipality of Volos in 1954. The development of the city until the early postwar years was rapid. The favorable location, the port and the construction of the railroad played an important role in the development of crafts, agriculture, industry and the economic, cultural and social flourishing of the place.

Today Volos is an important industrial center and it will enchant you with its town band and the third largest port in Greece. The city’s economy is based on trade, industry, crafts and tourism. A modern city with cultural flourishing,  intellectual creation that reconciles harmoniously  the neoclassical with the modern.

Volos is one of the four cities in which were held qualifying football matches in the 2004 Olympics organized by Athens at the modern Panthessalian stage.

Also Volos is home of the University of Thessaly that was founded in 1954 and gave new life to the city, of the Municipal Regional Theatre and the Centre of Music Theatre.

One of the features of Volos is the vitality and dynamism that has the city as wells as its very good market available.

It is worth visiting the famous tsipouradika, the area where you will enjoy the standard tsipouro accompanied with wonderful seafood. Tsipouradika are a tradition that comes from Asia Minor refugees, who used to gather in small cafes of the harbor, sipping ouzo accompanied by seafood. In the city you will find over 350 tsipouradika.

Volos is the birthplace of the famous painter Giorgio de Chirico, son of Evaristo de Chirico who created the famous train of Pelion, the international reputation musician Vangelis and Olga Vasdeki athletics champion in the triple jump.

Major attractions, sites, valuable cultural infrastructure, a vibrant artistic and intellectual life evolve Volos into a dynamic center of the Greek region.

Volos is very close to the beautiful village of Pelion, the beautiful beaches of the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean Sea and the islands of the Northern Sporades.

It has excellent tourist infrastructure and offers many comfortable hotels, guesthouses, rooms, intense nightlife, restaurants and of course gives you the opportunity to taste the famous champagne.

The trip to Volos enchants thousands of visitors every year and make your holidays memorable any time you choose!

Regional Flavors & Products

Volos is famous for tsipouradika in the harbor. An incredible culinary delight of the city that includes tsipouro, well cooked food with a great variety of dishes and recipes.

Fresh fish, scampi with spaghetti  and seafood at restaurants by the sea.

In the traditional taverns you will find traditional dishes like wild mushrooms, spentzofai, tsitsirafla, wonderful pies, sausages and meat by local producers.

Do not miss this dining experience of the culinary tradition of Volos.

[ppmaccordion][ppmtoggle title="Cultural Events"]Volos cultural events throughout the year …
The International Music Theatre Festival is held annually in the period between December and January. The festival is over ten years old and includes combination issues and multi-faceted art events.
The International Classical Music Festival includes creations of classical music, choirs etc.
The Business Panorama, an annual report production physiognomy of Magnesia. It takes place in September.

Events nearby Volos
Velestino: The “Rigia”, events with theatrical performances.
Anchialos: Wine Festival which takes place in the first ten days of August.
Nea Ionia: Cultural August with events dedicated to the lost lands of Asia Minor..
Channels: Flowery Almond Festival in March.
Pteleos: Carnival festival and Carnival in the last week of Carnival.
– Feast of St. Panteleimon on July 27.
– The Feast of the Olive made in August.
– Feast 15th August.
– Feast of Our Lady of Xenia on 23 August.
Sourpi: Cultural Festival with theatrical performances and concerts on the last Sunday of March and during the summer season.
– Feast of Agia Paraskevi 25 & July 26.
Amaliapoli: Feast of the Holy Trinity.
– Feast of the Transfiguration on August 6.
Agria: Night Fishing held in late July

Volos Attractions

Park St. Constantine: The Agios Konstantinos Park was formed in 1920 by the architect N. Kitsikis. It is the former Square of George I and it is located in Volos Beach.

Achilleion: Achilleion cinema was built in 1925 and it still operates.

The Municipal Conservatory: The neoclassical building of the Municipal Conservatory was founded in about 1885 and in 1900 opened the National Bank of Greece.

Giorgio de Chirico Art Center: The Giorgio de Chirico Art Center is right next to the Municipal Conservatory and houses the Museum Alekos K. Damtsa. The museum hosts temporary art exhibitions and a permanent collection.

Anavros Park: The park includes samples of modern sculpture of Greek and foreign artists.

Complex Papastratou – University of Thessaly: The former warehouses of the mansion Papastratou at Volos Beach, house departments of the University of Thessaly and organized conference rooms.

Hall: The City Hall was built in 1970, creation of Dimitri Pikionis, and a genuine sample of architecture of Pelion.

Volos Castle: The Castle of Volos is located in “Palaia” district to the west of the city. It was built in the mid 6th centuryAD.  and in thebasement garage of the multiplex Village  you can admire the Roman Baths.

Athena statue in Volos Station: The statue of Athena was constructed in 1884 by the Italian sculptor G.Previsan and it was placed in the railway station on the occasion of the inauguration of the station. It is made with white marble and excellently crafted details.

Panthessalian Stadium: In modern Panthessalian Stadium, built for the needs of the Olympic Games, were held qualifying football matches in the 2004 Olympics organized by Athens.

Goritsa Hill: The hill of Goritsa is located to the east of the city of Volos and constitutes a natural hill, about 200 meters above sea level. At the top of the hill is the church of Zoodochos Pigi. From there the view is panoramic over the city and port of Volos.

The train of Pelion: The famous train of Pelion is a steam train called “Moutzouris” which was going through the route Volos – Milies for about 70 years. Today the train travels a shorter route linking Ano Lechonia to Milies. Do not miss a ride on the train where the path will enchant you and reward your choice …

Archaeological Museum:
The Archaeological Museum Athanasakio was founded in 1909 and features exhibits from the prehistoric, Neolithic and Byzantine period. In the halls of the museum take place at intervals periodic exhibitons.

Folklore Museum: The Folklore Museum of Kitsos Makris is housed in the home of folklorist, at 38 Kitsos Makris Street, and belongs to the University of Thessaly. It includes unique exhibits of the folklore collection of the important researcher.

The House with the Rose: The Museum-Gallery of Chrisoula Zioga. It is the red house at the intersection of Vlahava and Gazi street known locally as the “House with the rose.”

Insect Museum: The Insect Museum of Volos is one of a kind in Greece and one of the best in the Balkans. It includes 35,000 different insect orders.

Typography Museum: The museum of typography of the newspaper “Thessaly”, since 1898 is housed in a room of 350 square meters in the industrial area of ​​Volos and hosts one hundred years of daily history and technology.

Thessaly Railway Museum: The building of the railway station was built in 1884 and its form remains unchanged in time. At the station there is a museum with rare material from the history of railways in the region.

Church of the Trinity: The Church of the Holy Trinity has unique murals painted by George Gounaropoulos. It is located near the hospital of Volos.

Church of Constantine and Helen: The Church of Constantine and Helen was built in 1936 and designed by the architect Aristotle Zachos. The elaborate architecture combined with its position to Volos Beach, made it a reference point for the city.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas: Visit the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, which was the first church created by the architect Aristotle Zachos in Volos. The temple murals are of Agenor Asteriadi while in the courtyard of the church kept the old bell tower, designed by Italian sculptor Previsan 1884.

Church of Nativity of Mary: The Church of the Nativity of the Theotokos (Virgin Hole Goritsa) is dedicated to the birthday of Mary. The church is in a cave at the foot of Goritsa and is one of the city’s most picturesque.

Church AgiasTriadas: The Trinity is next to Achillopoulio Volos Hospital and is a Byzantine style chapel. Inside there are images of the artist Gounaropoulos painter.

Also at a short distance from Volos are the Archaeological  sites of Diminio, Sesklo, Ancient Dimitriada and New Achialos.

The Neolithic settlement of Diminio is located 5 km from the city of Volos, on the northwest outskirts of the village Dimini. Also, in the southeast of the hill is the important Mycenaean settlement of Dimini. This city, according to the latest opinion, coincides with Iolkos, homeland of Jason.

The archaeological site of Sesklo is located 8 km west from the city of Volos. This is a prehistoric settlement built on the hill “Kastraki”. It is one of the oldest settlements discovered in Europe and it was first occupied in the mid 7th millennium.

The ancient city of Dimitriada, was one of the greatest cities of antiquity and it is located south of the Gulf of Volos, opposite to the modern city. Very important findings are the Ancient Theatre, the Palace, the Basilica of Damokratia and the remains of the Roman aqueduct, known as teeth.

Where  the city of New Anchialos is built, it was developed the early christian city Fthiotides Thives which at that time, was an ecclesiastical center of Magnesia. Among the finds are preserved parts of early Christian churches of which it is worth mentioning the basilica of Bishop Peter, the Basilica of the Martyrdom and the mosaics which are in various churches and have various themes and impressive technique.

Volos Beaches

Anavros: The Anavros beach has been awarded several times with the blue flag and is located in the extension of the St. Constantine park .
Alikes: The awarded with the Blue Flag Alikes beach, is located 9 km SE of Volos. The beach stretches for five kilometers and has an organized beach, open spaces, cafes, restaurants and hotels.
Plates: A beach known for its cold and steep waters. It is located at the city exit to Agria.
Xenia: It is in front of the namesake hotel and has free access.
Gatzea – ​​Rivera: It is located 16 km from Volos. There you will find a whole rock that has become a multi-level beach bar with restaurant.
Afissos: It is a cosmopolitan destination to the beaches and Kaliftheri and Ampovos.
Koropi: Τhe sandy beach of Koropi is located 21 km from Volos.
Other beaches: You can visit many and beautiful beaches at the scattered villages of Pelion, such as XinovrisiSaranda etc.

Volos Tsipouradika

 A rite that became an institution …

The institution started by refugees from Asia Minor who settled in Volos, especially those working at sea and in port. Every afternoon after work they gathered in the harbor cafes and drank tsipouro with seafood that was served in small saucers.

The afternoon meeting of the workers in the coffee shops of the port was a rite which very quickly became a daily habit. The groups and orders increased, the dishes became more and more sophisticated with the always dominant taste of the brine that Aegean and Pagasitikos fish offered .

This tradition continues until today by introducing the tsipouradiko of the neighborhood or the beach the main meeting place of the locals but now not only for lunch pleasure. The reputation of these shops has spread all over Greece and abroad.

In tsipouradika taste comes first … Genuine raki endless variety of cooked dishes. Some of the dishes you will find is crab salad, eggplant salad, shrimp salad, clams, fried shrimps with cheese, roasted feta with tomato, squid stuffed, octopus in vinegar, mussel risotto, baked potatoes, steamed mussels, clams, scampi, shrimps, crabs, swordfish , salmon, blackfish, bonito and lobsters, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, koutsoumoures, sardines, whitebait, anchovies and many other dishes, all handmade and cooked using traditional recipes.

Anyone who is familiar with the atmosphere of tsipouradika, the living tradition of the region, the authentic Greek flavors becomes fanatic …
An institution that is loved by guests …

How to get there

The geographical position of the county, near the center of Greece, is easily accessible both from Athens and from Thessaloniki.

From Athens follow the national road Athens – Thessalonica and you have two options. Follow the exit of Mikrothives or the exit of Velestino. The distance from Mikrothives is fewer kilometers while from Velestino the route is more relaxing.

The distance from Athens is 324 km and the journey by car takes three hours and 50 minutes while the bus trip takes 4 hours and 30 minutes.

The distance from Thessalonica is 210 km and the journey by car takes 2 hours and 10 minutes while the bus trip takes 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Volos is linked by rail to Athens with Intercity and the trip takes 4:30 hours and to Thessaloniki where the trip takes 3:30 hours.

There is airline connection from Athens to Skiathos (35 minutes) and from Skiathos to Volos by hydrofoil (flying dolphin at 1:30 hour) and by ferry (Ferry boat in 2:30 hours). There are many international charter flights from foreign countries directly to airports of New Anchialos and Skiathos.

Volos Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Magnesia Perfecture
24210 70951
Railway Station (OSE) Athens
210  5297777
Municipality Volod
24213 50100
Railway Station (OSE) Thessalonica
2310 598114-5
General Hospital Achillopoulio
24210 94200-20, 24210 36870
Radio Taxi Volos
24210 27777, 24210 37880-3
Police Station Volos
24210 39061, 76984
Athletic Organization of Volos
24210 44268
Traffic Police Volos
24210 76968
Archaeological Museum Volos
24210 25285
Tourist Police Station Volos
24210 76987
Archaeological Site of Dimitrada
24210 88091
Security Department Volos
24210 76957, 24210 76954
Archaeological Site of Diminio
24210 85960
Bus Station Volos
24210 33254, 24210 25527
Archaeological Site of Seklo
24210 25285, 24210 28563
Bus Station Athens
210 8317186
Panthessalian Stadium
24210 66128, 24210 60002
Bus Station Thessalonica
2310 595424
Railway Museum Volos
24210 23424
City Bus Volos
24210 25532, 24210 24232
Folklore Museum Volos
24210 37119
New Anchialos Airport
24280 76886
Museum-Gallery Zogia
24210 39644
Skiathos Airport
24270 22945, 24270 23300, 24270 22049
Art Center Giorgio de Chirico
24210 31701
Port Authority Volos
24210 28888
Typography Museum
24210 95751, 24210 95752
Port Authority Skiathos
24270 22017
Insect Museum
24210 60601, 24210 48556
Port Police Volos
24210 38888
Train Schedules Pelion
24210 23519
Fery Schedules Volos
24210 21626, 24210 31059, 24210 22501
Pelion Ski Center
24280 74200-1, 24280 73719
Railway Station (OSE) Volos
24210 24056
Pelion Ski Center (Volos Office)
24210 97452, 24210 92602

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