Preveza: Unique monuments, piney beaches


Capital: Preveza

Main areas are: Aktio, Valtos, Loutsa, Parga, Preveza.

The prefecture of Preveza occupies the southeastern part of the periphery of Epirus, by the entrance of the Ambracian Gulf, across from Aktion and has a surface area of approximately 256.000 acres. It borders to the north with the prefectures of Ioannina and Thesprotia, to the south and southeast with the prefecture of Arta.

The city of Preveza is built exactly by the mouth of Ambracian Gulf. This gulf along with the double delta river system of Louros and Arachthos rivers, as well as a system of shallow water lagoons, comprise a rare ecosystem protected by the RAMSAR Convention on Wetlands.

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The city of Preveza was founded in the end of the 12th century A.D. after the devastation of Nikopolis and now is the center of the financial and administrative activity in the prefecture. Also, it is the most important port of Epirus and a hub for the communication between Epirus and Akarnania, with a further important role in the ferry connection between Greece and Italy.

Very close to Preveza, in the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania, lies the town of Aktion, connected to Preveza via a undersea tunnel.

Preveza has a special island-like character and it can combine quiet vacations with cosmopolitan life. The narrow old-style pedestrian streets and the neoclassical buildings are some of its traits. The prefecture of Preveza lies by the sea and it is characterized by the morphological variation of the landscape, with high mountains and nice beaches side by side.

Preveza Attractions

The beaches of the prefecture of Preveza stretch along a 60 km of shoreline. Bays, peninsulas, gulfs, sandy beaches and rocky areas interchange harmonically. Pine forests stretching to the edge of the hospitable beaches create an idyllic landscape. Some of the beaches are: Vrachos, Loutsa, Ammoudia, Valtos, Sarakiniko, Monolithi, Mytikas, Kyani Akti, Kryoneri, Lychnos, Artolithia, Kastrosikia, Kanali, Lygia etc.

Preveza is known for the natural beauties, but also for the wet land of Ambracian Gulf and the enchanting lake of Ziros, the variation of the landscape, the abundance of fresh water and the lush vegetation.

In the majestic city of Preveza you can visit the monuments scattered in all its extent, the Byzantine churches, castles built by Venetian and Ottomans, the ruins of the roman city of Nicopolis and the ancient Kassiopi, the Necromantium of Acheron, the most important of the ancient times, Zalongo the place of sacrifice, and the romantic castle town of Parga.

Parga is situated 68 km northwest of Preveza and 50 km southeast of Igoumenitsa. The town, which belongs to the prefecture of Preveza, is on the northwestern part of Epirus, close to Acheron river, the city of Igoumenitsa and facing the picturesque islands of Paxi and Antipaxi.

The town of Parga is built amphitheatrically and it is an idyllic vacation place uniquely combining the mountain and the sea landscape. One of the most picturesque and cosmopolitan points of northwestern Greece, the “Nymph of Epirus” , the beautiful Parga invites you to pay a visit, learn its age long history, discover its natural beauties and enjoy the hospitality of its people.

There is a plethora of points of interest and historic monuments in Parga. North of the port is the castle of Parga, built in the 14th century A.D. with the help of Normans. From the castle you can enjoy a unique view of the town. Also impressive is the thickly vegetated island of Panagia, the embellishment of Parga, with the picturesque little church. It stands boldly in the bay and invites you to swim to it and see Parga from a different point of view.

Parga, a town out of your dreams, with picturesque stone-paved streets, beautiful churches, monuments, monasteries, folk art shops, local stores, restaurants, many bars and clubs. A town throbbing with life and constantly in motion.

The enchanting picture of Parga is complemented by the wonderful beaches of Valtos, Kryoneri, Piso Kryoneri, Lychnos, Sarakiniko, Ai Giannakis and other precipitous beaches. Especially attractive is the boat excursion to all the beaches, and especially to Lychnos, where the visitor can see the caves and enjoy the feeling of tranquility and the natural beauty of the sea landscape.

In the summer months, Parga is connected by boat to the nearby islands (Paxi – Antipaxi – Corfu).

Eight km north of Preveza, in a green landscape, the tourist can visit the ruins of ancient Nikopolis, now covering an area of about 2220 acres. On October 2nd, 31 B.C., in nearby Aktion, Octavius was the winner over Cleopatra in the famous naval battle of Aktion. In the Nicopolis area, you can see the Museum, the Nymfeum, the Theatre, the Odeon etc.

The area of Zalongo has as its administrative seat the town of Kanali of Preveza and it is located between the municipalities of Fanari and Louros. A large part of its area stretches along the fantastic beaches of the Ionian sea. Zalongo is a historical area with very rich history.

In the village of Kamarina, the natural balcony of the area, proudly stands on the sacred rock the monument that became a symbol of the desire of people for Freedom. It reminds to all of us the self-sacrifice of the Souliote women who preferred to jump off the cliff together with their children than to accept to surrender to the armies of Ali Pasha. And this was not only a matter of pride, but also a result of the love for their land.

The Area of Zalongo is also known today for its enchanting landscape, its live tradition and the endless beaches, such as the beaches of Kanali, Kastrosykia, Lefka, Artolithia, Lygia and Vrachos with a length of 20 km.

There are also sports facilities, night-clubs, restaurants and taverns where you can taste all the local delicacies and fresh fish.

The enchanting natural environment, as well as the abundant monuments of history and civilization in the area, combined with the authentic hospitality of the people of Epirus, invite the visitor to feel, to discover and experience the landscape stretching ahead.

Preveza can also serve as a base for excursions in the entire region of northwestern Greece. Very short traveling time is required for the island of Lefkada, the city of Arta, the sources of Acheron river, the city of Ioannina, the traditional Zagorochoria village complex and the islands of Paxi.

How to get there

By car: You can drive to Preveza via the national routes: Ioannina – Preveza, Igoumenitsa – Preveza, Arta – Preveza.

From Athens via Rion-Antirrion the distance is approx. 370 km.
From Thessalonica the distance is 444 km.
From Patras the distance is 171 km.
From Ioannina the distance is 102 km.
From Arta the distance is 50 km.
From Igoumenitsa the distance is 98 km.

Access from Aitoloakarnania is also possible via the undersea tunnel of Aktion.

By bus: There is bus service of the KTEL shuttle service from and to Athens, Thessalonica, Patras, Ioannina, Arta and Igoumenitsa. There are is scheduled bus service from Trikala, Agrinio, Vonitsa, Lefkada, Corfu, etc..

By air: There is regular airline service to and from Athens via the Aktion airport. Charter flights also available during the summer months.

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Preveza Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Preveza Municipality
26820 22212
Eleftherios Venizelos Airport
210 3530000
Preveza Hospital
26820 22871-2
Preveza Bus Station
26820 27993, 22213
Preveza Police Station
 26820 28090
Athens Bus Station
 210  5129252, 210  5154179
Preveza Traffic Police
 26820 28922
Thessaloniki Bus Station
2310 527265
Preveza Tourist Police
  26820 22225
Preveza Taxi
 26820 28030, 22887, 28470
Preveza Port Authority (Aktio)
 26820 22710
Preveza Municipal Library
26820 29899
Preveza Fire Station
 26820 22530
Museum of Nikopoli (Preveza)
26820 41336
Preveza Airport (Aktio)
26820 22355