Alonistaina: Enchants with its hidden beauties


The picturesque Alonistaina is located in Arcadia, built at an altitude of 1.200 meters at the site of the ancient settlement Elissona. Its name probably derives from the widespread work of threshing. The idyllic Alonistaina is hidden in a wooded valley of walnut and fir in the heart of Mainalon forest, 25 km from Tripoli and will charm you its tranquility.

Flanked by imposing mountains and through the village runs a small river, Elisson. The Alonistaina has been characterized as a traditional settlement with many picturesque old houses, examles of traditional architecture, works of art of craftsmen fro Lagadia.

Alonistaina played an important role in the liberation struggle of 1821 and is connected to the genus of Kolokotronis who came from it.

Alonistaina Map

During the Ottoman Empire the largest family in Alonistaina was that of Kotsakaion. The daughter of the family Zambia or Zambetas married Constantine’s Kolokotronis father, Theodore. In 1870 Constantine Kolokotronis was killed in Mani and Zambetas with her brothers went to Alonistaina. There, matured and spent his childhood Theodoros Kolokotronis. His origin was from Libovisi.

On July 26, 1804 the chieftains Kolokotronis, Nikitaras and Plapoutas clashed with the Turkish. It was the day of the feast of St. Paraskevi and the local feast of Alonistaina. After the fall of Tripoli, Theodoros Kolokotronis camped in Alonistaina and continued his big fight.

Another scion of the family Kotsakaion was Demetrius, whose children, known by the name Dimitrakopoulos, excelled in the period of the 1821 revolution.

Near St. Nicholas there are the ruins of an old inn. The famous Hania of Alonistaina offered food and relaxation to muleteers.

The picturesque and historic village of Alonistaina will enchant you with its natural beauty and tradition, and it will offer you comfort days of peace, tranquility and unforgettable experiences.

Regional Flavours & Products
In the taverns of Alonistaina you will taste delicious lamb, intestines, splenandero and salted meat.

Alonistaina is famous for its  fir honey, known as “vanilla of Mainalo” with characteristic amber color. You can buy it from the shops with traditional products. Other products that you can buy are dairy products, herbs, traditional pasta, sausages, meats, etc.

Cultural events
Events for the welcoming of Winter: The events include a celebration with traditional food and dancing and are performed in early December in the square of Alonistaina. The festival is organized by the municipality Falanthos in collaboration with IOV_UNESCO, the cultural association Alonistaina people “Agia Paraskevi”and the Center of Greek Dance of Tripoli .

Many cultural events are held during the summer months. Feast of Agia Paraskevi on July 26th.

Alonistaina Attractions

Alonistaina Square: The beautiful square Alonistaina which is located in the center of the village and has many attractions.

Monument & Grave of Zambia Kotsaki: In the village square, next to the church of Agia Paraskevi, stands the marble monument of Kolokotronis’ mother, Zambia Kotsaki with her little son and also her tomb. The sculptor of the statue was N. Peratinos.

Mansions: Many 19th-century mansions built with the traditional architecture of the craftsmen of Lagadia, survived until today. One of these is the building that houses the community clinic and in the hall of its 1st floor are held cultural events.

Just outside the village you can see the ruins of a half ruined old hotel.

Hani of Alonistaina: Next to the source of St. Nicholas is an old dilapidated inn. The famous inns of Alonistaina served many travelers and offered them food and rest.

Churches: The church of Agia Paraskevi dominates the Alonistaina center. It is a basilica aisle and it was built in 1742. The church has an ornate wooden temple,  derived from a vow of Theodoros Kolokotronis after the victorious battle in Dervenakia. On the day of its celebration, on July 26, a traditional festival is held.

In Alonistaina it is also worth seeing the small stone church of St. Nicholas.

Kefalari of Agios Nikolaos (Source of St. Nicholas): It is one of the sources of Elissona river that flows into Alpheus.

Watermill: A short distance from the square there is an old watermill.

The House of Kolokotronis: It is in the historic village Libovisi where it lived the family of the great fighter Theodoros Kolokotronis. The house of Kolokotronis was renovated in 1990, with a donation of P.Angelopoulos, with great taste.

The house functions as a small museum where they dominate the great personality of “Geros tou Moria” and his struggles. In the courtyard of the house there is the imposing statue of Theodoros Kolokotronis made with white marble and stone.

Natural Locations: On the road from Alonistaina to Vytina you will find the famous col. A beautiful ravine covered with the forest.

Just above there is the source of Kokkinovrysi offering freshness and relaxation. The landscape offers spectacular views. There, you can see remnants of the hospital that was built in 1926.

Mainalon Ski Resort: In the mountains of Mainalo on the top of Ostrakina at an altitude of about 1770 meters is running a modern ski resort. Since the winter of 2004, the ski center has passed to the private company OSTRAKINA AETE.

Ski Center Mainalo has 8 great ski slopes, a special park for ATV motorbikes, central chalet for coffee or lunch, snowbar, shelter and four ski lifts. Its special position among the firs, the easy access, the great natural beauty and the rich flora and fauna make it particularly attractive.

Surrounding Area

Vytina: The beautiful Vytina, a famous mountain town of Arcadia which overlooks the central Peloponnese, it is 43 km from Tripoli and about 200 km from Athens. The area stretches at the foot of Mainalo at an altitude of 1.033 meters and thanks to its excellent nature, is considered one of the most famous tourist resorts of Peloponnese and one of the best in Greece.

Libovisi: The historic and beautiful village Libovisi is a short distance from Alonistaina, situated in a lush landscape of trees. It is the village of Kolokotronis where the family lived. The name comes from a Slavic word.

The house of Kolokotronis renovated by P. Angelopoulos in 1990 with the same architecture and layout. Today, the house of the great leader of the Greek Revolution of 1821 operates as a museum and it is dominated by his great personality and fights.

In the courtyard of the house is the imposing statue of the great fighter Theodoros Kolokotronis made with white marble and stone. Next to the house is a large paved square with a traditional fountain. Across the square is the church of John the Baptist.

In this village with the great historic value, it is held every year on 28th and 29th August a big festival in honor of Theodoros Kolokotronis. Moreover, Libovisi has and other events such as Libovisia and the rally Antique Acropolis.

Alonistaina Activities

In Alonistaina besides skiing at Mainalon Ski Centre you can do mountain biking, 4×4 and hiking.

Some of the most beautiful hiking routes are:

Alonistaina – Mainalon Forest – Mainalon Ski Centre – Kardaras – Levidi – Vlacherna – Vytina – Alonistaina: A beautiful path through the forest of Mainalo. The distance is 60 km and it takes about 70 minutes.

Alonistaina – Arkoudorema – Libovisi – Elati – Vytina: A very beautiful route with picturesque traditional villages and many attractions. The distance is 50 km nd takes about 60 minutes.

Alonistaina – Davias – Roeino – Tripoli – Vytina – Alonistaina: A very beautiful and pleasant route. The distance is 80 km and it takes about 80 minutes.

How to get there

 Alonistaina is from Tripoli 25 km and from Athens 195 km.

On the Athens-Corinth highway towards Tripoli. After the toll of Nestani and the tunnel of Artemisium turn right to Levidi – Vytina. Pass the junction for Vytina continuing straight ahead and once you arrive at the 44th km of the National Road Tripoli – Pyrgos turn left (marked). From there Alonistaina is 9 km.

Alonistaina Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Municipality of Falanthos
2713 601400
Folclore Museum Vytina
27950 22566
Clinic Vytina
27950 22222
Bus Station Athens
210 5134575
Police Station Vytina
27950 22207
Bus Station Tripoli
2710 222560
Forest Authority Vytina
27950 22213
Railway Station Athens
210 5240646
Post Office Vytina
27950 22233
Railway Station Tripoli
2710 222402
Taxi Vytina
27950 22619
Mountaineering Club of Tripoli
2710 232243
Library of Vytina
27950 22017
Mainalo Ski Center
6985 063909

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