Attica: The center of civilization


Capital: Athens
It includes the provinces of Athens, Piraeus, East and Western Attica.

Main areas are: Agia Paraskevi, Agii Anargiri, Athens, Alimos, Anixi, Varkiza, Voula, Glyfada, Kallithea, Kifissia, Neo Psihiko, Skaramagas, Holargos and others. Athens is where Democracy was born and the city where great men of science and philosophy lived and gave their lights to the rest of the world. It is also one of the cities that created Greek Civilization.

The capital of Greece is a European city. It is overpopulated and most of the year suffers from the smog. Athens took its name by thee goddess of wisdom Athena.

Nightlife is great here especially in the center. You can also have a great time on one of the well-organized beaches, which are only 4 km. away from Athens. Of course there are Greek shops and international firms to make sure you will find whatever you please. The visitor must go up to the rock of Acropolis to see the unique architectural structures that were built between 447 and 438 B.C. The nation’s trademark the Parthenon also stands there. You should visit also, the Parliament, where the kings of Greece used to reside. It now houses the Greek parliament since 1933 and it is situated at the constitution square. The National gardens are also very close. You can go up Lycabetus hill where there are many restaurants, cafes and shops.

Attica Map

The Panathenean stadium has great importance as the first modern Olympic Games were held there in 1896. You can visit Monastiraki which is full of little shops with Greek artifacts, Plaka with its old neoclassical houses and narrow streets full of little cafes and restaurants, taverns and bars. Of course there is the National Archaeological museum and the National Gallery of Art.

Two of the richest areas of Athens are Ekali and Kifissia. A walk among the beautiful houses and villas can be extremely rewarding. Atheneans have welcomed the Metro in their lives, which also connects with older lines to cover the whole of Attica.

Province of Piraeus
Main areas are: Drapetsona, Keratsini, Korydalos, Mikrolimano, Pasalimani, Piraeus and others.

Piraeus is famous for its harbor, which as well as the city stands where the ancient harbor was operating. It connects Athens with all the islands and with other countries and is the greatest naval center of Greece and whole of the Mediterranean.

As a city it is full of life with great commerce and industry. Nightlife is also very vibrant. Beyond the harbor is the breathtaking area of Kastella with its little natural harbors like Mikrolimano, Pasalimani and others. There are high-class bistros bars and restaurants here and also small clubs.

In Piraeus has its bas and the most popular soccer team in Greece, Olympiakos which was founded in 1925. The team’s history has become one with Piraeus and it is known to have the warmest blooded fans than any other team. It is worth mentioning that Olympiakos fans are the 60 per cent of all the soccer fans in Greece.

Province of Eastern and western Attica
Main areas are: Anavissos, Elefsina, Lavrio, Marathonas, Parnitha, Sounio, Spata and others.

All the above areas are of great beauty and great holidaying resorts.

Elefsina is very important for its distilleries. Marathonas is known from ancient times since it is there that the Greeks fought the Persians in 490 B.C.

Spata are known world wide since the Athens international airport is situated there. It moved there recently from the area of Elliniko and it is considered the most advanced airport in Europe.

Rafina is another harbor from where ships take passengers to the islands. Also Loutsa and Portorafti are popular with Athenians who spend their vacations there.

There are great mountainous areas in the province like Penteli and Parnitha. Also ancient ruins like the temple of Poseidon in Sounio are abundant.

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Athens Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Urban buses of Athens
210 8836076-80
Suburban Train ΟSE (Tickets)
210 3236273-4
Information Town buses of Athens
Radio-Taxi (Athens1)
210 9217942
Athens Trolley
210 2583300-6
Radio-Taxi (Ermis)
210 4115200, 4115666
Suburban Buses (Information)
210 5124910
Radio-Taxi (Express)
210 9934812
Athens Train (electric railway)
210 3248311-7
Radio-Taxi (Parthenon)
210 5323300
Athens Underground
210 6792399
International Airport of Athens (Spata
210 3531000
Suburban Train ΟSE (Information)
210 5297777
Olympic Aviation
210 9269111

Piraeus Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Piraeus Police Station
210 4122501, 4111711
Piraeus Port Authority
210 4511311-9
Piraeus Police of Tourists
210 4290664-5
Zea Marina
210 4284100
Piraeus Traffic Police
210 4113832
Piraeus Radio-Taxi
210 4287400-3
Piraeus Central Metropolis
210 4514930
Urban transportation
Tzaneio Hospital
210 4519411
Piraeus Historical data file
210 4194587
Piraeus General Public Hospital
210 4915061
Public Art Gallery
210 4194585
Metaxa’s Hospital
210 4518411
Public Library
210 4194191
Greek Tourism Organization
210 4135716
Archaeological Museum
210 4521598
Piraeus Port Organization
210 4520911
Navy Museum
210 4516264

Region of Attica Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Peania Police Station
210 6642390
Airport Police in Spata
210 6635140, 6635142
Megara Health Center
22960 22222-6
Marathona Police Station
22940 67100
Megara Police Station
22960 22100
Porto-Rafti Port Authority
22990 71205
Megara Traffic Police
22960 81405
Rafina Port Authority
22940 28888
Spata Health Center
210 6634501-5
Rafina Tourist Information
22940 55270
Spata Police Station
210 6632231, 6632771