Galaxidi: “The naval town”


Galaxidi is a beautiful seaside town in Fokida prefecture, of about 1700 habitants, built in the western side of Krisaios gulf.It is 217km far away from Athens and 90km from Patra. Galaxidi has a great history, is beautiful and scenic, and that is why it concentrates a great number of visitors all year round.

Galaxidi is built on the site of Ancient Haleios, and during his long history it met with great disasters by different conquerors, such as Slavs, Franks, Turks etc., maintaining though its identity.



Galaxidi Map

It is a seafaring town with a global name for its navy and the special talent of its residents in shipbuilding. This reputation started to be created in the early part of the 18th century, that started to be constructed a big fleet in local karnagia and lasted for many decades, during which the merchant and passenger ships of Galaxidi voyaged in the Mediterranean. Galaxidi went through its greatest thriving in 1860, but later with the emergence of the steamship, it subsided. The enchantment, however, of yawls of Galaxidi maintained, as its yawls were veritable masterpieces and made history in greek history and art.

It forms a very famous destination and has got very good touristic substructures for comfortable and nice high quality accommodation.

In this picturesque town, you will walk the scenic alleys and admire the perfect captains’ houses, the old churches, the remarkable monuments and the wonderful tiled roof mansions. A beautiful town with special charm and fascination that can offer a lot to visitors…

Galaxidi Attractions

In Galaxidi, it’s worth visiting the Naval Museum, the oldest Naval Museum in Greece, which has got a great collection of sail paintings, nautical instruments, shipping registers and other interesting exhibits. You can also visit the Archeological Museum of Galaxidi, which exhibits more than 300 archeological findings, the Folklore Museum, which is lodged in an old mansion and has got exhibits, such as traditional costumes, embroideries etc.

Furthermore, you can visit the churches of Saint Nikolaos, patron saint of Galaxidi, which shows a special architectural interest, Saint Paraskevi with the famous sun calendar, and the Monastery of Transfiguration, built in 1250.The area also offers some archeological monuments, such as the relics of the wall, made to protect the ancient town, and the Lokros tomb, supposed to be a protochristian catacomb.

Also, a walk in the wonderful mansions of excellent architecture, such as the Girls’ School, the old stone water-tower of 15th century, the traditional building of Town Hall and the Bourzeiko mansion, will reward you sure. Do not omit to visit the natural vaulted cave “Spilia”, situated in the end of N. Mama Square, “Vitrina” cave in Mesonisi location, and “Agona” cave on the slope of Xirotiri hill, with archeological findings and stalactites, as well the small caves in Pigadia, Tyflolakko and Zastano areas.

Galaxidi also offers itself to alternative tourism with wonderful routes through nature. Walk the area’s paths, such as Kedron woods, Vounichora and the Monastery of Transfiguration, through a beautiful run, among olive-trees, and enjoy the gifts of nature of the greater of Galaxidi.

Galaxidi is the ideal choice for the carnival period. Endless party, dance, songs, as well as traditional customs compose a scene of dateless joy and entertainment. Galaxidi is famed for “aleuromoutzouromata”, that take place each year in Shrove Monday on the coastal road of the town.

Galaxidi is also a good choice for the summer period, as it has organized sandy beaches for swimming and sea sports. Visit Kalafati beach, the beach of Yachting Club etc. It offers many hotels, apartments and rooms for your accommodation.

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Galaxidi Community Clinic
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Galaxidi Archaelogical Collection
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Galaxidi Police Station
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Galaxidi Folklore Museum
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Galaxidi Port Station
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Fokida Tourist Information
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