Laconia: The place of legends with the untouched beauty…


Capital: Sparta

Main areas are: Areopoli, Archagelos, Glikovrissi, Gythio, Elafonissos, Mavrovouni, Mistras, Monembasia, Neapoli, Itilo, Sparta.

Laconia is a province rich in historical memories. It also offers all that you need for winter holidays.

Situated in the middle of a fertile plain, next to the river Evrotas, Sparta, the capital of Laconia is a modern city. Sparta has a history of over 4000 years. It was the greatest military force in Greece and played a catalytic role in the history of nation. Sparta was famous for its soldiers who were very capable and brave and who practiced the arts of war all day long.

It is also known from Homeric times with the story of Menelaus and Helen. The city will please the visitor since it offers evidence of its history and the beauty of the neoclassical buildings, which still stand in great numbers today. It is very easy to move around by bicycle or even by foot.

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The visitor can admire the temple of Leonidas, the ancient theatre of the city, the temple of Athena and Artemis, the Menaleio as well as the archaeological museum.

Along the laconic coast-line lie small, picturesque sandy beaches and golden sands. One can swim at the big sandy beaches of Neapoli, Gythio, Elafonisos, Plitra, Elia, Kokkinia, Kyani Akti, Mavrovouni, Vathi, Kotrona, Kokkala, Agio Kupriano, Achilleio and Paliro.

The ruined Principality of Mistras rising up on the west slope of Taygetos gazes at the “silent waters” of the Evrotas River. It was built in 1249. Going up the hill you will see the gate that is the entrance to the castles. The most remarkable monuments are the Metropolitan, the monastery Vrontochi, Peribleptos and Pantanassa.

Geraki is a traditional village which situates at the foot of mount Parnonas, near the medieval 13 th century castle.

Along the way to Monemvasia, the visitor meets Molaoi. Here one can admire the remains of a medieval fortress.

One of the most impressive parts of Lakonia, Gerakas is a small harbour, which emerges from an imposing landscape. Next to the seashore, there are many fish-restaurant and traditional taverns.

After Geraka, in the middle of Myrtoo pelages, stands a huge cliff, called Monemvasia. The “stony ship” of Ritsos takes the visitor on a magic trip. Today it is an ideal place for weekend’s tours. An erotic atmosphere, full of mystery accompany your every step into the narrow roads of Monemvasia, with its, traditional guest houses and great variety of taverns.

At to the foot of Larysio, the graphical Gythio is a small harbour. The modern city has a traditional insular colour with neoclassical buildings. Gythio is a small city of Laconia but the largest of Mani. In the center and along the beaches you will find taverns with fresh fish, restaurants, nightclubs and cafes. You can also go hunting or fishing from Githio. Moreover you can visit Mani from there with its famous towers and the isle of Kithira since there are ferries that leave from the harbor. There are plenty of hotels and rooms to rent.

Just one km from Gythio, there are the beaches of Selinitsa and Mavrovouni, the latter being one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

Archangelos is a fisherman’s village of great beauty with a peaceful harbor and clean waters. It is an ideal place for carefree holidays all year round, for swimming, water sports and fishing. There are hotels, rooms to rent, restaurants, taverns and bars. The great sand beach of Harakia, which is very close, is also worth visiting.

The great development of tourism in the area, has led to Neo Itilo being classified as one of the most frequented resorts. Itilo is a village of a homonymous community and district of the prefecture Laconia with approximately 500 inhabitants. Itilo is mentioned by Homer as Itilos the son of Amfianakta, by whom the Laconian city took its name. In 800 B.C. it belonged to the inhabitants during the Turkish domination it was the first centre of Mani and its inhabitants were stood out for their patriotic action.

The county of Itilo has a total population of approximately 4000 inhabitants and its capital is Areopolis. The size of Itilo 206 square metres and includes 17 counties and 73 settlements in total. In Itilo you can visit the monastery of Dekoulon, the remains of Kelefas fort, the church of St. Nikolaos. Next to Itilo is the seaside village Limeni.

Here you can enjoy the beach, the little harbors, the hotels, rooms and bungalows, the famous taverns with fresh fish and the local wine.

Areopoli according to Greek Mythology took its name from Ares, god of war. It is 72 km. away from Sparta and is extremely graphical. The stony guest-houses and the small taverns compose an “old fashioned landscape”. The church of Taxiarches and the manor-house of Mavromichalaioi (fighters of the revolution of 1821) are some of the most important sights.

Next to Areopoli, “Pyrgos Dirou” is well-known for the great caves of Alepotripa, Katafigi and Glifada.

The centre of Mani, Vatheia is a traditional village with its towers. The “Parthenon” of Mani’s traditional architecture is situated on the hillside, not far from the sea.

In the southern part of Peloponnese, there is the seaside town called Neapoli. You can visit the medieval castle of Agia Paraskevi and the monastery of Agia Irini.

Elafonisos is a triangular little island, two nautical miles from Neapolis. It has been endowed by nature with an emerald sea surrounding it and quite a few wide sandy beaches, where the fine, white sand forms dunes, for the deep-green, stubby cedars to set their roots in, forming at places extended wooded areas. Such a landscape is very seldom to be found and only in remote, isolated places.

You can also take the ferry from Neapoli if you wish to visit the nearby island of Elafonisos.

How to get there

By bus: Intercity buses run daily from Athens to Sparta, Gythio, Neapoli and Monemvasia.
By car: In order to go to Laconia by car

From Athens the distance is 255 km
From Thessaloniki the distance is 635 km
From Patra the distance is 231 km
From Korinthos the distance is 141 km
From Ioannina the distance is 483 km

Coastally: Flying dolphins depart from marina of Zeas to Gythio, Kyparissi, Monemvasia, Neapoli and Gerakas. Laconia is also linked to Eptanisa and Kissamos of Chania via Piraeus.

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Laconia Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Sparta Municipality
27310 22226
Athens Bus Station
210 5246805
Sparta Hospital
27310 28671-5
Sparta Tourist Office
27310 24852
Sparta Police Station
27310 89580
Sparta Post Office
27310 26565
Sparta Traffic Police
27310 89626
Sparta Taxi
27310 26100
Sparta Tourist Police
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Sparta Library
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Sparta Bus Station
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Sparta Archaeological Museum
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