Karpenisi: Firs tops and flowing waters


Karpenisi is Evrytania’s capital which is built on the south slopes of Velouchi at an altitude of 1000m. and a bright green area with fir trees, pine trees and chestnut trees. Karpenisi is an appropriate destination not only for action and adventure of extreme sports but for relaxation and rest too.

There you will find a great number of monasteries, churches, Byzantine monuments, museums, stone bridges, picturesque small taverns, traditional hostels, luxurious hotels, extreme sports and ski facilities and majestic landscapes of unique natural beauty.



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Karpenisi Attractions & Surrounding Area

There is an organized ski centre, located at Velouchi Mountain. It offers seven lifts, twelve tracks, ski school, ski equipment for sell and for rent, bar and restaurant. At the winter time period they are organized many competitions and shows of ski, snowboard and snowmobile.

The a round the area of Karpenisi is offered for activities such as climbing, trekking, archery, mountain cycling, rafting, horse riding etc. There are also routes offering magnificent view which pass small picturesque villages of Evritania prefecture using jeeps 4×4, bicycles etc.

Near the town of Karpenisi, in a distance of a few kilometers, the visitor has the capability to discover picturesque villages and exquisite, overgrown areas. Some of these villages are Agios Nikolaos, Miriki, Korischades, Voutiro, Agios Andreas etc.

Agios Nikolaos is a magnificent village of Evritania, located at 9km from Karpenisi. Agios Nikolaos is famous for its chestnuts and its delicious bean s. At the square there is the old church of Agios Nikolaos built in 1887. At the around area there are also the country church of Agia Paraskevi and the spots Platanias, Krania and Palialona.

Myriki is a small village situated between fir trees, just 9 kilometers away from Karpenisi. At the center of the village there is the church of Saint Georgios and on the top of the village you will find the picturesque church of Prophet Helias with a traditional fountain.

Koryschades is a lovely, traditional village with old mansions, situated between fir trees, in an altitude of 960m. and 6 kilometers away from Karpenissi. At Koryschades the guest can visit the old mansions, the church of Saint Athanasios and the stone school which is used as a Museum. From Koryschades there are worth seeing, short destinations like Koumasia area where the Monastery of Panagia (Virgin Mary) is located, the gorge Pantavrechi, Kokkalia, the chestnut forest of Ai-Nikolas, the lake of Kremasta and Agrafa.

Voutyro is a nice settlement with great view, built on a slope and located 9 kilometers away from Karpenisi. There you will find the elder stone church of the prefecture, Saint Paraskevi. At the village there are hostels and small taverns.

Saint Andreas is located 8 kilometers away from Karpenisi. There you will find many natural sights like Astrapovrisi and Neraki. It is the birthplace of the hero of the Greek Revolution of 1821 Athanasios Karpenisiotis.

Karpenisi Museum: There you will find Konstantinos and Alexandros Tsatsos’ personal things and also many important historical maps.

Megalo Chorio FolkoreMuseum: The Museum plays host to traditional costumes, household items and artistic creations. It is 14 kilometers away from Karpenisi.

National ResistanceMuseum at Koryschades: It is a school building, which has been declared a landmark monument and an exhibition of the photographs of the National Resistance photographer, Spyros Meletzis.

Palio Mikro Chorio Museum: The old school of the village hosts the Museum of Palio Mikro Chorio and allocates 3 rooms. The Museum offers rare photographic material of the village’s landslide in 1963, photo material and exhibits about the resistance, part of a print shop that used to be there, traditional costumes, as well as ancient exhibits, ceramics, a library etc. It is 16 kilometers away from Karpenissi.

Proussos Monastery Museum: It is an interesting museum in the Monastery with many historical and religious exhibits, such as books from the 15 th and 16 th centuries, manuscript codices, a sword from 1821 that may have belonged to Karaiskakis, as well as many vestments.

You can also visit the Museum of Viniani, the Museum of Tatarna Monastery, the Folklore and Historical Museum of Domnitsa, the Folklore Musuem of Saint Triada and the Folklore Museum of Granitsa.

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Karpenisi Hospital
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Kerasohori-Karpenisi Police Station
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Fragista-Karpenisi Health Center
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Fourna-Karpenisi Police Station
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Karpenisi Police Station
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