Loutraki of Aridaia: With the famous since antiquity Loutra Pozar

Loutra Pozar

Loutraki of Aridaia (Loutra Pozar) is a picturesque village of Pella prefecture which is famous for the Hot Springs (Pozar Hot Springs) and it is a special mountain destination for holidays. It is 13km far away from Aridea, 20 km from the Kaimaktsalan ski center and 100km from Thessalonica.

The visitors of the village have the chance to take advantage of the curative qualities of the water and combine it with outdoor activities at the round area such as skiing at Kaimaktsalan, climbing, caving and trekking at the gorge of the Hot Springs and around.


Loutra Pozar Map

At Loutraki of Aridea there are many guesthouses to host a great number of visitors and offer accommodation services of great quality. At this area there are also taverns, coffee shops and shops with traditional, local products for a better service to the visitors.

The water has its source at a great depth, between rocks and it is enriched with mineral components such as natrium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sulphur, radium, iodine and gases such as dioxide of carbon, hydrogen sulphide, azote, oxygen and hydrogen. The curative water is hot with a temperature of 37°C and is offered for external use at the pools of the watering-place and for drinking-therapy from the springs.

The spa-therapy is advisable for complaints such as nervous- dermatologist-gynaecological, rheumatism, arthropathy, sciatica, bronchitis etc. The drinking-therapy is advisable for complaints of kidney, bile, liver, urinary and digestive system and chronic complaints such as colitis, gastritis, inflammation of the gall-bladder and ulcer.

During the summer period and until the end of October the area is deluged by elderly people who want to advantage the healing properties of the hot springs. However, during the winter period the area is mainly deluged by young people who combine the baths with the outdoor activities.

At the area, except Pozar Hot Springs, it is worth to visit Loutraki Gorge, following the path which starts from the Springs and follows a course along the river, of about 33km.

This course offers to the visitor exceptional pictures of natural beauty. You will explore amazing alternations of landscape which combine the impressing flora with the rare species of plants and flowers, water, camping spots, caves and the first Speleological Park in Greece, which will be ready for the public very soon.

In addition, it is worth a visit to the Folklore Museum with exhibits of folklore, ethnography, speleology etc. and Dombro Pole which is located at Ano Loutraki. It is an abundant settlement, which is located at an altitude of 1750m., built on a volcano’s crater.

You can also visit the Black Forest which is located at the eastern part of Voras or kaimaktsalan and “Ramno Bor” or Straight Pine-Tree, which offers a wonderful landscape of very tall pine-trees.

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