Delos: The sacred island of Apollo



Delos is located to the southwest of Myconos at a distance of six nautical miles. During the ancient times, this small island used to be a religious and cultural centre and it is also known as the sacred island of Apollo.

The deserted island of Dilos is linked to one of the saddest myths. The beautiful Leto slept with Zeus and this union bore two children, Apollo and his twin sister, Artemida. According to myth, Leto was looking for a place to give birth to her children, but she was not accepted anywhere, as people feared the revenge of Hera. After coming to the infertile island of Delos, Leto vowed on the sacred waters of Styx that her son would not forget his motherland and, as a god, he would establish his first temple there. Thus, the island gave its permission to Leto to give birth to her children there.

Every year, in the summer months, the island welcomes thousands of Greek and foreign visitors and it is served by small boats from other islands of Cyclades, including the island of Myconos, which is very near.

Delos Map

The entire island is an open-air archaeological museum with ruins dating back 5.000 years. Ruins of temples, of shrines, the agora, the theatre, the gymnasium and houses, reveal the splendour of this religious and cultural centre of the Aegean Sea. Delos is included in the World’s Cultural Heritage, protected by the UNESCO.

Overnight stay and camping is strictly prohibited in Delos.

How to get there

By Ferry: There are itineraries from Mykonos, except Monday (the archaeological site is shut). Boats also operate to Dilos from Tinos, Paros and Naxos.
By airplane: To Mykonos airport

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Delos Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Delos Archaeological Place
22890 22259
Mykonos Port Authority
 22890 22218