Epirus: Raw beauty and authentic landscape


The periphery of Epirus lies in the north-western part of Greece and it borders to the SE with the periphery of Sterea Ellada, to the east with the periphery of Thessaly and to the NE with the periphery of Macedonia. To its northwest it borders with Albania, while its entire west and northwest side is bathed by the Ionian Sea and the Ambracian Gulf.

A stretch of land with a beautiful coastline merging in the background with mountains of exceptional rugged beauty. For the nature lovers, Epirus is a paradise on earth.

It comprises 4 prefectures: Arta, Thesprotia, Ioannina, Preveza. The biggest mountain range of Epirus and at the same time the most important in entire Greece, is the mountain range of Pindos.

Epirus Map

The wild rivers, the lakes, the marshlands and the mountains with the snowed peaks constitute a protected natural environment sustaining an extraordinary diversity of natural life. Wolves and brown bears still roam in this land and golden eagles soar in its skies. Hundreds of rare species of wild flowers thrive unhindered by human activity. The large natural wooded areas of the National Forests are home to decades of bird species.

The people of Epirus are proud for their area, its wild life, the unique wetlands and are taking measures to preserve them. Epirus faces the sea, the beautiful Ionian Sea with crystal clear waters and a coastline laced with beaches. In the same coastline large tourist centres have been developed attracting each year millions of tourists from Greece and abroad.

The folk music of the area, with songs about human pain and the troubles of the Greek emigrants, about love, wedding traditions, faith, about local heroes, with the famous clarinet of Epirus as the main means of expression, is representative of the history of the people of Epirus.

Epirus is a land of rare natural beauty, offering piece of mind and tranquillity. The area is rich in monuments indicating its long and glorious history. The past is survived in its archaeological sites, in the large number of monasteries and churches, the fortresses and the traditional settlements, the watermills, the water sawmills and its hundreds of stone-built bridges.

An ideal place for vibrant nightlife and adventure activities, with hospitable people who try to satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

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