Korinthia: The place of the archaeological tours…


Capital: Korinthos

Main areas are: Isthmus, Kiato, (Ancient) korinth, Corinthos, Loutraki, Nemea, Xylokastro.

Korinthos is located 80 km from Athens. It is the only province that is adjacent to Attica. It is ideal for Athenians to visit the beautiful beaches the villages and the towns along the coast and it is a holiday resort. Suggested visits are the impressive metropolitan temple of Apostle Paul, the folklore museum, as well as the developed beach “Kalamia”.

Only 7 km away, there is ancient Korinthos, where the temple of Apollo, the mythical spring of Glauki, the Lechaiou street, the Aesculapius temple, the ruins of the theatre and conservatory dominate.

Korinthia Map

You can swim at Loutraki, the Lake of Bouliagmeni, Straba, Lechaio, Kokkoni, Neratza, Kato Diminio, Melissi, Peukia, Likoporia, Derbeni, Agioi Theodoroi, Kalamaki, Keghries, Oraia Eleni, Almiri and Korfos.

Only 3kms from ancient Korinthos, there is Akrokorinthos, the oldest castle of the Peloponnese built upon a hill that stands 575 m. high and impressive with its magnificent view.

South of Korinthos, is located Xiliomodi with its wonderful pine – trees.

Isthmia is a peaceful seaside village at the east side of the Isthmos canal. The importance of Isthmus is big since it connects the Aegean with the Ionian Sea. It was opened in 1893. At the canal the visitor can admire the remains of ancient Diolkos, the stoned pathway, which was used for the fast passing of ships.

Loutraki is one of the most important health resorts. Loutraki is famous for its healing waters which can heal from arthritis, rheumatisms. The plethora of hotels, restaurants as well as the casino has modified Loutraki to a cosmopolitan area. 6kms away is located the monastery of Osios Patapios and Agia Triada. South of Isthmia there is the remains of ancient Kechreon where was the seaport of Korinthos in the Saronic. In the village of Kyravrysi there is an archaeological museum.

Alkionides islands are only 45 minutes away and one can visit their beautiful beaches via a boat.

One of the most beautiful regions of Korinthia is Kiato, which is appropriate for summer vacations. Don’t forget to visit ancient Sikiona, ancient Titani and the Byzantine Monastery of Lechoba.

South of Kiato, one meets the lake of Stymfalia, the mythical nest of the Stymfalides birds. Hercules killed them there at the lake. Today there is little water left in the basin. At the north side of the lake one can see the ruins of the acropolis of the ancient Stimfalos. The best way to admire this rare place is to travel along the east shore of the lake, from Oligyrtos to village Layka.

Trikala is the main village of Killini, built on the ruins of the ancient Miseo and today consists of Kato (Down), Mesaia (Middle) and Ano (Up) Trikala. Trikala is appropriate for winter excursions and one of the most popular destinations. Among the wooded hillside of Zireia, this mountainous village is suitable for weekend’s tours.It played an important role in the Greek Revolution of 1821. In Kato Trikala, the church of St. Dimitrios, built in 1697, with its impressive impressionistic murals of the 18th century, is of special interest.

Xylokastro is suitable for summer and winter tours. You can visit the church of Faneromeni, Agio Vlasio and Agio Gerasimo. Making your way towards Aιgeira, you will meet many remarkable beaches and small villages, like Brachati, Kato Diminio, Sikia, Likoporia, Ligia and Derbeni. The “blue flags” on the beaches, the tourist substructure and the important indicatives make the city a unique place and it is there that the Volley Ball world championship is held.

Among in the settlements of Xylokastro and Sykia, is extended a natural pinewood, the “prasino akrogiali tis patridas” of Kostas Karyotakis. The region existed source of inspiration of Agelos Sikelianos and his house into the pines, will always be the soul of Xylokastro.

Nemea is near the border with the province of Argolis and it is surrounded by innumerable vineyards and is well-known for the good wine it produces. It is famous since it is there that Hercules killed the lion of Nemea. The temple of Zeus, the stadium of Nemea and the baths are some of the places you can visit.

There is a tarred road at a wonderful course with a great value of trees. When you reach the fence, you will enjoy from its top, the majestic view of the green, calm Doxi’s lake that its waters reflects the round mountains and is one of the most beautiful of Greece. The course is offered for walks and picnic.

How to get there

By bus: Intercity buses run daily from Athens to Korinthos, Loutraki and Xylokastro.
By car: In order to go to Korinthia by car

From Athens the distance is 82 km
From Thessaloniki the distance is 508 km
From Patra the distance is 141 km
From Ioannina the distance is 358 km

By train: There are time-tables from Athens to Korinthos and Loutraki.

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Korinthia Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Korinthos Municipality
27413 61000
Korinthos Bus Station
27410 24481
Korinthos Hospital
27413 61400
Athens Bus Station
210 5150220
Korinthia Police
27410 77222
Korinthos Railway Station
27410 22523
Korinthos Police Station
27410 77254
Athens Railway Station
210 5131601
Korinthos Traffic Police
27410 77200
Korinthos Port Authority
27410 28888
Korinthos Tourist Police
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