Rodopi: Harmonious coexistence of European and oriental elements


Capital: Komotini
Also the mainer regions are: Komotini, Maroneia, Platanitis.

The prefecture of Rodopi offers natural beauties; verdurous plains, graphic beaches and tall mountains are disposal for visitors. The region presents intense archaeological interest. It combines the traditional Greek village with the colour of East. All these compose a fascinating mosaic for the visitor, who has also the occasion to enjoy the exceptional beaches in the south.

Komotini, for the Muslim Goumoultzine, has nucleus an old Christian station of Egnatias road, its wall is rumoured to be manufactured in the years of emperor Theodosiou, around in the 4th century.

Rodopi Map

Important factor of the city is the presence of many students of Dimokriteio University of Thrace, that give tits own vibration in the city. You should visit, the old market, the Armenian neighbourhood, the thicket with the zoo garden, the vaulted grave near the village Symvola and the monastery “FATIRIAKA” of Panagia Faneromeni.

Rodopi Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Komotini Police Station
25310 34444
Komotini Traffic Police
25310 35555
Komotini Hospital
25310 22222
Komotini Archaeological Museum
25310 22411