Arcadia: The firs Arcadian land…


Capital: Tripoli
Main areas are: Dimitsana, Leonidio, Megalopoli, Tripoli.

The capital of Arcadia, Tripoli, was a military and administrative centre. In the centre of the town you must visit the Malliaropouleio Theatre, the house in which Kostas Kariotakis (a Greek poet) was born, the Areos (Mars) square and the archaeological museum.

It is also worthwhile visiting the metropolitan church of St Vasilios, Taxiarchon and the church of Epano Chrepa. Out of town, from the hilltop of Agioi Theodoroi, the view is magnificent. From north to south, is dotted with many beautiful beaches whose crystal waters and the golden sand will fascinate you. Xiropigado, Astros, Agios Andreas, Tiros, Libadi, Plaka Leonidiou, Sampatiki, Lakkos and Poulithra are waiting to be with you.

Arcadia Map

Located in the centre of the fruit bearing valley of Megalopoli, the city was created after the battle of Leuktron. Excavations have brought to light, parts of the ancient theatre, which was one of the largest in ancient times.

Near Megalopoli is Basta, in the heart of an idyllically booming stream bed with umpteen oak-trees is the temple of Agia Theodora with its huge trees, rooted on the roof of the temple and its ground spouting waters. In 15kms from Megalopoli is an ancient city, Lykosoura. According to Pausanias is the aniest city of the world.

Karytaina, the graphical village of Arcadia, is unique, because of its many stone built houses and the Frankish castle. A walk near the small stoned bridge, under which the river Alfeios flows, is worthwhile.

On the hillsides of Mainalon has been built Stemnitsa. Don’t forget to walk through the graphical roads, among the walnut trees and cherry trees while cooling off by the stony fountains where your fantasy is free to take long “trips” basic to the revolution of 1821. The area near Stemnitsa is ideal for walks and excursions close to nature. The monastery of Prodromos is located among steep rocks. Next it is the Old Monastery of Filosofos. You must visit the Canyon of Lousios River or “the Agion Oros” of Peloponnese.

Dimitsana has been characterized as a traditional village with its tall stone houses and churches. Dimitsana stands at an altitude of 960-1080m on the ruins of the ancient town of Tefthis. Don ‘t forget to visit the six gunpowder mills, the houses of Patriarch Grigorios the 5 th and Bishop Palaion Patron Germanou, as well as the Museum of “hydrokinetic”.

10kms from Dimitsana is Lagadia. Lagadia is a very picturesque Arcadian town. Situated on a mountainous august landscape with fresh water springs, it offers an imposing sight to every visitor. The two and three storey stone houses that are amphitheatrically built on a steep slope create the impression of a stone-built work of art. Furthermore, it is the fatherland of Delegianneon and other chieftains and veterans of the 1821 revolution.

Lagadia is built on a steep canyon on an altitude of 900 meters. The houses that are amphitheatrically built on the slope are facing the ravine. Due to the slope, many of those are designed to have one storey at the one side of the road and three at the other. The Central Square of the village stands on the edge of a deep ravine rich in walnut trees, plane trees and fresh water streams. At this point Thoa canyon begins and stretches crossing a big part of Gortynia and eventually ending up at river Ladona. Laggadia is also known for its developed local weaving mill handicraft.

The upper part of the village, Pano Geitonia, apart from having a magnificent view, is unique in picturesqueness. The most important sights are the house of Deligiannis, and the old historic churches of ” Agion Taxiarhon ” (1805) and ” Agion Apostolon ” (1845) that are characterized by their peculiar belfries. Especially at the front of Taxiarhon church, one will notice the stone-made artistic belfry, which is equipped with a clock. Some other remarkable stone-made structures are the Gymnasium and many elegant fountains that decorate the village.

Vytina, which combines stone houses with natural landscape, is an ideal place for both summer and winter vacations alike. On the firry Mount Menalo (44km from Tripoli ) and on an altitude of 1033m a real oasis appears, Vytina. It is a place with majestic view and healthy climate that gathers many vacationers and visitors throughout the year. During bank holidays most of the visitors come from the nearby town of Tripoli.

Maria Papadopoulou, the sister of Paulo Mela, had founded a sanatorium located in an area above the town. It was used for the soldiers and the old warriors of the Balkan Wars. Nowadays the sanatorium does not operate anymore however the good climate of the area still attracts many tourists during all seasons.

In the wintertime the snow-covered Vytina offers a unique and astonishing sight. The Central Square of the village, with the remarkable stone-built church, the graphic coffee shops and the nearby traditional old bakery and tavernas, is idyllic as well as convenient for the visitors. Some interesting building is the stone-built Elementary School, monastery of Kernitsa, folklore museum, ski center of Ostrakina. You can also visit the old aquaduct, and the stone bridge.

Astros belongs to the eparchy of Kynouria and is an ideal place for daily excursions. An open theater is operating there during the summer months. There is also a sailing school for adults and children and the harbor is full of little sailing boats is a sight to behold. 3kms from Astros is the monastery of Loukous.

Quite some distance from sea, is the fertile plain of Leonidio, with its olive-trees and the agricultural products.

The little village of Kosmas, which houses a small library as well as a folklore museum, is situated on the peaks of Parnonas. 12kms from Kosmas is the monastery of Panagias Eleonas.

How to get there

By bus: Intercity buses run daily from Athens to Tripoli.
By car: In order to go to Arkadia by car

From Athens the distance is 195 km
From Thessaloniki the distance is 570 km
From Patra the distance is 171 km
From Korinthos the distance is 81 km
From Ioannina the distance is 418 km

By train: There are time-tables from Athens to Tripoli.

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Arcadia Useful Telephone Numbers (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Tripoli Municipality
2713 600404
Athens Bus Station
210 5132834
Tripoli Hospital
2713 601700
Tripoli Railway Station
2710 241696
Tripoli Police Station
2710 230540
Athens Railway Station
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Arcadia Police
2710 230549-50
Tripoli Tourist Information
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Tripoli Traffic Police
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Tripoli Taxi Station
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Tripoli Fire Brigade
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Tripoli Archaeological Museum
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Tripoli Bus Station
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Mainalo Ski Center
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